What Time Is It? It’s Idea Time!

Hey everybody! I hope Thursday is working out splendidly for all of you! Well September will be here soon, it’s coming in via Fed Ex. Soooo, if you have any ideas for holidays, or any anniversaries or birthdays….come on over to the Eclectic Spaghetti and share them in the comments section! I will be more than happy…ecstatic even…to post them for a holiday for September.

Thank you! :)


5 thoughts on “What Time Is It? It’s Idea Time!

  1. Tim: I will put Pretend It’s August Day in the beginning of September. I actually want it to be September – not because sadly it means we’re closer to Winter than we were in August, but because that means it’s time for my vacation soon! Yay!

  2. Oooohhh, I always love this part. Let’s see, how about…

    -Teacher Appreciation Day

    – Just Say No to Brush Fires Day

    – Just Say Yes to Your Toothbrush and Hair Brush Day

    haha! I don’t know. I think I must be extra tired :-) Maybe that could be a day too…Go to Bed Earlier Day.

  3. I haven’t suggested anything for a while, so here goes:

    – Feline Day
    – Banana Day
    – Jurassic Day
    – In Praise of the Car Day
    – Adult Learner Day
    – Stumble and Recover Day
    – Brain Disconnection Day
    – Embarassing Body Day

    Interpret each as you see fit.

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