Do Something Fun Today

According to my calendar (or really our calendar, since all of you provide the best ideas), it is Do Something Fun today. Did you do something fun today? I worked. But here are a few things I did during the work day:

– My manager wanted to put some bins up on our bulletin board to hold some flyers that students could pick up if they were interested. We were using push pins to hold up the bins, but they kept falling down. So finally this morning I remembered to take my trusty, cordless and awesome drill/screwdriver to work. If I’ve decided to do a project on my own, I don’t want anyone to help me. Sometimes a project does call for help, though. My manager helped me hang up the background on the large bulletin board. It cut our job down by a good half hour, I think, since I can’t be at both ends of the board with a ladder. But usually I like to go solo on something I’ve committed to doing. So I was focused and driven, this morning, and the first thing I did was hang four bins up on the board, using my cordless screwdriver and some shiny new screws. In the midst of this, one of our work-study students came in and we greeted each other. I hoped he wouldn’t say, “Let me help you with that!” But thankfully he didn’t, and we both went about our work. Anyway, my original point was that I had fun putting up the final details of the bulletin board.

– The second thing I did today that was kind of fun was that I went for a walk during my lunchbreak! Not far, but I committed to it and I brought my new MP3 player with me. It was a beautiful day to walk, too.

– Now I’m having fun catching up on blogging and listening to the TV. Not watching, but sometimes just listening to the TV puts me in the blogging mood. It’s kind of white noise with a kick.

8 thoughts on “Do Something Fun Today

  1. You know, reading blogs is fun for me :) But today, I also cooked–which is something that I actually enjoy. And I also got some much needed sleep soon as I got home. That’s awesome you found a great walking path and you’ve got your tunes to listen to!

  2. Eros: I’m glad you got to catch up on sleep! That works wonders, doesn’t it? Like a cup of coffee without the caffeine. :)

    AlienCG: I think I got my cordless screwdriver at Lowe’s. I love it, it is very handy – perfect for hanging photos on walls, too.

    NoRegrets: Doing nothing is very underrated. :)

    Churlita: Sometimes it’s hard to eat within a half hour. The one hour of lunch goes fast too.

    Laura B.: Thanks, I did! I looked at the finished product again today and the bins are still holding strong! I look forward to reading your post!

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