This Street was Not Made for Walking

I feel like I accomplished a lot today at work. There were a few moments that made my nervousness turn up a notch, but those moments were settled, and I took care of it. Yay!

After work, I decided to go walking down a different path. I went straight down my street, all the way down, over the hill where I’d take a break at the playground. There are swings, a slide, a sad-looking basketball court, a baseball diamond, picnic pavilion and a tennis court.

A few families were there, but they left soon after. I went swinging and listened to my MP3 player while watching some people play tennis.

I probably won’t walk that route again, though. There are parts of the path without sidewalks, so I wind up walking on private lawns. I don’t want to do that, but if I venture up closer to the road, the cars just zoom by without much consideration of pedestrians. It’s frustrating and dangerous.

Hopefully I can get myself into a pattern where I walk the path near my work during my lunch hour. The walking is so good, I can just escape from stress that way. I will even walk to the other side of the building to copy something instead of use the copier near my office, just so that I can stretch my legs. I think I’ve said that before on here. Plus, it’s a nice time to chat with people who don’t usually venture to my side of the building.

That concludes my blogging for today. I’m going to try to get to bed closer to 10pm tonight. The weather is perfect and I’m pleasantly sleepy. Good night yawl!


5 thoughts on “This Street was Not Made for Walking

  1. You know, I like walking, too, but what is up with some neighborhoods not having sidewalks!?!

    I take the stairs at work a lot–I usually work on the third floor. Sometimes, I go up on the fourth floor. Physical activity is a great way to relieve stress–and it helps you relax and enjoy the sights at the same time.

    Good luck finding a great walking path!

  2. Laura B.: 11:45pm is usually my time to read blogs and just relax – but then by morning it comes back to bite me.

    Churlita: It is really nice – especially the fresh air.

    NoRegrets: I’ve never rested on concrete during lunch! I’ll have to try that sometime – probably not in the Winter, though.

    Eros: I didn’t like the missing sidewalks. A walk is supposed to be relaxing, but having to cross the street to get to the next block of sidewalk while dodging traffic was not fun. If I have music going and I’m walking a steady path, I get into a good zone and mood. But that sidewalk issue wrecked that zone.

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