– I don’t remember many things from the French classes I took in school, but I do remember the days of the week in French. Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Juedi, Vendredi, Samedi, DiManche. I always loved pronouncing the French word for Friday, Vendredi. It kind of dances out of the mouth. Some of my friends and I would laugh at DiManche for Sunday. It sticks out where as the others have an “ee” sound at the end.

– I asked my mailman today if he had a nice weekend. He did, and asked how mine went. I had every intention of saying, “My weekend went well”, but instead it came out as, “My weekend rent rell.”

– If you hear someone playing Taps with a trumpet, it’s just me (or someone who actually knows how to play a trumpet), mourning the demise of my favorite pen. I had to put it to rest this morning.

– Didn’t get a new car yet. Someone on Friday told me to check the list of cars that are supposed to work with the Cash-for-Clunker stimulus package. I assumed my car would be listed, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Bah humbug. I know that Clunker thing ends today, but I’ll still be looking for a new car. Hopefully during my vacation.

– Bought a new comforter set this weekend. I love new bedding. The package I bought is red and white, with two different designs, so I can reverse them if the mood strikes. It didn’t come with sheets, though, but that’s okay. It came with two throw pillows for decoration. I tested one out when I got home from shopping, and it’s very comfy.

– Finally decided to buy some of those essential oils from the seminar I went to a few weeks ago. I ordered them online and should be getting them later this week. Yay! The kit comes with lavender, lemon and peppermint and then some combination scents including the one called “Joy” which I liked so much.

– I lost five pounds! Yay again! I’ve lost more in the past, but then celebrated by eating too much and regaining the same amount of weight. Hm. I celebrated quietly in my head this time, and didn’t blow the diet.

How was your weekend?

What now?

This is an old and kind of fuzzy shot of Skittles when she used to visit my linen closet and rest on the tower of towels.


13 thoughts on “Lundi

  1. Aw, that sucks about the clunkers thing. Still, even if yours was on the list, you would’ve had to have made a hurried purchase, which you definitely don’t want to do when you’re making such a big decision.

  2. It’s nice that you have a friendly Postie. Sometimes I do a similar thing with words coming out wrong. I’ve been to France a few times but nothing I picked up in school has been very useful, Vendredi is a good sound though I agree.

  3. I’m bookmarking this post for the days in French. They frequently ask for them in the crosswords.

    Rent Rell? Is that Scooby?

    I hate when a good pen dies. I hope you find another one. I personally like the Pilot Easy Touch, either fine or medium point.

    Keep watching the dealerships, they may run their own specials or the manufacturers may have good incentives.

    New bedding is good.

    Mmmm, lavender, lemon and peppermint. Why am I suddenly in the mood to bake?

    I need to lose 5 pounds many times before I celebrate.

    I had a subdued weekend, and I am now really on Facebook (under my real name), so feel free to add me.

  4. Hey, good for you for losing 5 lbs. The only thing I remember from french class is counting to ten. Well actually I think I forget a number – but if I say it fast, and you’re not French, you won’t notice the difference :)

  5. I took Spanish…and boy, I don’t think I can say the days of the week. That is just sad. I can count to one hundred almost as competently as your average four year old. yay!

    May I suggest Kornbluth’s “own personal weakness” – Uniball micro-pens: “They never explode in your pocket. They just expire one day and so gracefully. They’re like the Camille of pens.” – for when you replace yours?

    Your new comforter and essential oils sound like little well deserved luxuries. You deserve some pampering! And so does Skittles in his tower of towels :-)

  6. Tim: That’s definitely true, I don’t want to rush into deciding on a car that I’ll probably hang on to for as long as possible. I’ve hung onto the car I have now for six years. It is a used car, 10 years old.

    FW: Our regular mailman is really nice and we know each other’s names. His substitutes when he is on vacation, though, are not. It’s like pulling teeth to get them to greet you.

    AlienCG: I almost titled this post “Ruh Roh!” because I did sound like Scooby Doo.

    Suze: So if the two of us went to France, we would be able to tell people what day of the week it is, then count to ten for them and I could ask them their names and ask for the time while we do some sight seeing!

    Laura B: Spanish seemed easy for me, but I don’t think I can form a sentence. It is easier for me to count in Spanish than in French, though.

    And wow, how could I forget that line from Haiku Tunnel?? I guess my pen died gracefully, but I was in denial as to when the sad day would come when it couldn’t write at all.

  7. It’s always nice to sleep in a comfortable bed with very nice sheets. Congrats on the wt loss. And you’re doing the right thing by researching for cars. This time of year, they’re only going to cost less and less as new car models come in October/November!

    You’re apt is going to smell so nice when you get your essential oils kit!

    I don’t know French. Took two years of Spanish and only know the basics–tourist stuff, i.e. where’s the bathroom, how much does it cost, where is the airport. I’m a big fan of foreign films, though, even when there’re no subtitles, I still enjoy watching a foreign film, trying to figure out the plot!

  8. It’s probably better that you didn’t qualify for Cash for Clunkers as a lot of dealers stopped using the program (or severely limiting) as the gov’t has been taking SO long in sending the rebates. Even if your car was on the list, it’s possible that you wouldn’t find anywhere to get the deal.

  9. Churlita: Thanks! I am afraid of those pills out there that say you can lose twenty pounds or so in a week.

    Eros: I’d like to get a nice car before Winter hits. Something that can handle the icy roads. But I don’t want a truck, either.

    I can’t wait for my kit of oils now! It is on its way via Fed Ex!

    I took French first in school, and then the teacher suggested I take Spanish next because, compared to French, Spanish was pretty easy to learn.

    Silver: Certainly don’t want to be disappointed when looking for a car and a refund.

  10. Wow, a lot going on!

    I love when people say the wrong letters in words like that. Reminds me of a Friends episode, “You said it wrong, you’re stupid!”

    New bedding always looks so good when it is so bright like that!

    Congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome!

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