We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

Under the Sheets 2

Today’s word, yellow, was brought to us by AlienCG. Here’s a photo of Skittles underneath some clean bed sheets that have yellow flowers on them.


This is my mom’s cat, Joshua. He’s got a bit of yellow shade to his fur. I think some say he’s an orange tabby, but he reminds me of a sunflower.


Finally, here are some dandelions that I took a picture of a few years back at Edgewater Beach.

That is all for this week, I am all yellowed out! Hope you’re all have a mellow, yellow day.


7 thoughts on “We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

  1. The cats look very comfortable…how wonderful life must be for a cat!

    I never got the term tabby. I call them tiger striped cats, cause they look like tigers, esp. when they’re on the prowl.

    Lovely picture of flowers.

  2. Manuel: The kitties thank you!

    Churlita: Thank you, I will remember that for the next word, “Shade”…in fact I think I do have a photo with a cat in it for that word!

    NoRegrets: Yeah, me neither. People think I’m mellow at work, but on the inside I’m a nervous wreck.

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