Liberry Time!….And Other Things!

Today at work was pretty normal, and sometimes that’s hard to type or say with a straight face. But it was, and it flew quickly once it got rolling. My car has been in the shop since Saturday. My mom thought I should take it in because she didn’t like the squeaking she heard when we went over bumps. I had been hearing it awhile and just shrugged it off. Something I don’t normally do, which I thought for me was psychiatric progress. Then on Friday I noticed that my car would shudder nervously a bit whenever we had to stop to wait for a light. I didn’t like that feeling, so I decided to take it in for some help. They couldn’t look at the car until Monday, and my mom said I could borrow her car. So I let my car have some R&R at the mechanic’s.

I eventually found out that they couldn’t quite find something horribly wrong with my car. They said my struts were wearing out, but that would cost $900, but that it wasn’t a dangerous problem. Don’t tell my car, but I’m slowly transitioning into buying a new car. So I don’t want to fork over $900 if I’m going to buy a car where I plan to negotiate a low monthly rate that would surely cost way under $900. The squeaking isn’t annoying to me. They didn’t notice any signs of my car having a nervous breakdown, didn’t notice any shuddering, but told me that, since it has only been acting up in this heat we’ve been having, that it’s probably caused by the heat. My god the heat/humidity. I asked for my tires to be rotated, and the only thing I had to pay for my car was $15. It was good to have the old girl back again, with all her squeaks. No shudders, though, perhaps she just needed some rest.

On Sunday afternoon – about the same time and day it happened last week, my internet stopped working. My modem had two lights on – the power and the PC light. The four or five lights between those two were out. Not a good sign. It looked like someone had knocked my modem’s  teeth out. So with a frustrated, tired sigh, I called my cable company. I was thankfully connected to someone who was easy to talk to, and she said she’d send over someone that afternoon. I was floored, but I kept my poker voice steady, and wanted to confirm that someone would come that day…on a Sunday. Well sure enough, the guy came over and had checked a few things the guy from last week did not.  It was not my modem, it was not my computer or connection. It was a port within the apartment that was a bad port and he switched them and ordered that the bad port get fixed.  While he made sure all other things were going well, we chatted a bit. He lives in the same apartment complex, has been there for about as long as I have, and has a cat.  He admitted that he doesn’t converse much with his neighbors, I told him that I only know the name of the lady across the way.  He told me about a great Hungarian place he went to that has a great brunch buffet, I told him about Sweet Mango, the Thai place that I like. The gears in my head started turning. He had introduced himself, so had I (just by first names), and I thought maybe there was something going on…a chemistry. Was this going anywhere or what? Hey, he’s pretty cool! Cute too! Then I thought, “Maybe……Wait…stop… Reel it back in, Tara. The last guy you were interested in was somehow driven away, probably by no fault of your own, but who knows.” So I reeled it back in, shook his hand awkwardly when he was finished saving the day with my internet, and wished him a good rest of the weekend. Even then I fought against myself, having a few regrets. But I reeled that in too, stopped beating myself up over something that could’ve just, and much more than likely, have been just common courtesy and small talk. I felt comfortable talking to him, but what the hell does that mean, anymore? Maybe I was just happy someone was over on a Sunday afternoon fixing my internet. For free. Nah.

I also toyed with my paranoid thoughts for a second or two. It wasn’t just with him, it was the guy who attempted to fix my computer last week. The last guy put things on his shoes, like little shower caps, before he entered my apartment. Sure the rational part of me knew it was to keep from tracking mud onto my carpet…or goose crap. But I also remembered that movie I keep forgetting the name of, where a guy wore those shoe protectors to cover his tracks after killing someone. That flashed through my mind in a second but left just as quickly. So then this Mr. Charm comes by this week to fix my computer. I have two bags of cat treats by my computer. He told me he has a cat. Did he notice those bags and just told me he has a cat in order to form some kind of bond with me?  Then we become close, we date, eventually get married and then he turns into a serial killer and people are unraveling the mystery with the help of “The Closer” or “CSI” (frankly, I’d like Brenda Lee Johnson fighting for me). But again, those thoughts just run right through my head, only worth a blog post, not even. Nothing wrong with noticing those things, though, right?

Okay! Anyway, that brings me back to today. I picked up my car, was treated to a very tasty dinner that my mom made, and then I was off. To home? Nope! I had another free class at the library to attend! This one I was really excited about. It was called “Music and Emotions”, but it centered around how soundtracks effect a movie. Unfortunately it was only an hour and a half long, but it was such a cool seminar. Our lecturer showed us scenes from several movies, especially “Jaws”. I actually wound up watching some of those scenes in a new light as if it was the first time I was watching them. The class was interesting, and so were the people. One lady whined right away about the lights being too bright, she said they were annoying. I felt bad for the lady who was welcoming us to the seminar. She didn’t need to hear that grating little complaint right away, or at all, actually. Just a gentle, “Could you turn off a few lights, please?” would’ve sufficed.

Later on, the couple behind me were whispering to a guy standing outside the room. I assumed it was their son (I don’t know why, I just did), but I could be wrong. That wasn’t the point. I took a triple glance at his shirt. I recognized it as a shirt from the local animal shelter’s merchandise, and thought it would say, “I love my cat” or “I love my dog”. So I glanced again and it read in bold “I love my weiner.” Okay, maybe I took a fourth look. Had I not known that the shirt was referring to his “weiner dog” or his dachshund, I would’ve thought his shirt wasn’t entirely appropriate for public. But immediately I figured it was worth blogging about. At least for just one half of a paragraph. ;) On a really nice, complimentary note, the library lady said that, since we were there for the class, we could have any book that was on the rack in back of us for free! It was a nice treat, no raffles necessary. I picked up a Dean Koontz’s novel that I have no intention of reading right away, but I know my mom might like. I am interested in reading it, but I’ve committed myself to a few other books first.

I loved that seminar, though, I wish it could’ve lasted longer and been a bit more interactive, more conversational. It’s odd for me to say such a thing, but I love movies and it would’ve lasted longer if he had opened up the room for more discussion. But they might’ve been crunched for time, too. I’ll definitely be looking for more classes there, though. And I now have an official (trumpets, please) LIBRARY CARD! Yay! It’s been a very long time since I’ve applied for one of those. But now I have one for my purse and one for my keychain! Yes!

How was your day?


10 thoughts on “Liberry Time!….And Other Things!

  1. Now this is what I call back in the blogging saddle!

    First, I am glad that your car problem turned out for the time being to be a non-problem.

    Second, I am glad that you internet problem was easily resolved, on Sunday! And by a cute cable guy who lives nearby! I mean, whatever, I know…but hey. You never know….

    Third, they are offering the most interesting seminars at your library! Can I ask you about how many people were in attendance? Professional interest :-)

    Third continued…it is always cool to get free stuff…and I think books are especially cool…and my little heart swelled with happiness to hear you got your library card. Yay!

    What a fun post this was, Tara :-) You deserve bonus points for spotting someone wearing an I Love My Weiner shirt…I mean really, classic. Awesome stuff!

  2. Wow. Whew.
    Interesting to hear the inner ramblings of your mind. The directions it goes. So funny. Thing is, can’t you find a middle ground between completely reeling yourself in and going overboard “we had a nice conversation and I want to marry you”. ?

  3. Glad to hear you’ve got your car back and it’s less shuddery!! Now’s a good time to get a new one with the cash for clunkers deal thingy (not that I’m saying your car is a clunker – but if you can get more money off a new one so much the better!)

  4. Wow, that was a lot in one post. Maybe you’ll run into computer guy guys are “neighbors”

    I wish I knew of some classes the local library was giving. I like going to those types of things.

  5. Laura B.: I am so glad I stumbled upon the section of their site that lists classes/seminars! I’ll definitely look for more in the upcoming months, too! I know they’re going to have a huge book sale in October, too.

    As for the attendance, I was actually expecting more people from different age groups, but there must’ve been a total of 10 or 12 people in the room! There was a bigger attendance at the aromatherapy seminar!

    Thank you so much for the comments! I thought you’d appreciate the fact I got a library card! I will use it as much as possible. :)

    NoRegrets: Yeah, I typed a bit, didn’t I? :D

    Churlita: Yes, that’s a possibility! If anything I have another neighbor I know.

    Tim: Oh I know, I hope I can get the clunker discount! My car is still a bit shuddery but I’m going to blame the heat like the mechanics did.

    Silver: Those classes are fun, I hope you can find a few that you can attend!

  6. Wow! That’s some great service showing up the same day!

    Well, at least you got things fixed, or at least they’re in working condition. You’re right. Some of the best things in life are free! Good luck finding a new car! Research and take your time to find the one you really like.

    Sometimes, things really do happen for a reason.

  7. Eros: I know, I was very surprised they could send someone out on a Sunday!

    Chicago Joe: Hi! Which part jumped out for you as the great advice? Just curious. Thank you for commenting on my blog!

  8. Libraries are the best! You can meet all sorts of characters there (like me!). I haven’t taken any classes at mine, but I love all the resources.

    That old lady complaining about the lights… you sure it wasn’t the cackler?

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