Essential Vitamins

My internet was finally fixed today! The cable guy came in and found out that my splitter wasn’t working. Just that little tiny, seemingly innocent device that helps me connect my internet and my TV cable into the only cable outlet I have in the apartment. In a flash and while he was chatting with me about cats and cable, he took away the bad splitter and replaced it with a new one that functioned properly. Suddenly the world made sense again as I was able to bring up Google without my computer telling me ever so rudely, “Page Not Found”. I was not charged for this blessed visit, either. He must’ve been here a good 15 minutes tops.

I did find things to do while the internet was down (it had been down since Sunday afternoon). I wanted to stop being a hermit enrich my mind, so I looked up the local library’s website. They have free classes going on this month. They’re more like seminars. The one I attended last night was called “Essential Oils”. I was immediately welcomed into the room by the scent of lavender oil. The presenter talked about the benefits of using pure, essential oils, and how you can take advantage of their healing properties. It was all very interesting! I had only really known about the lavendar oil – my mom was given an aromatherapy gift set filled with lavendar stuff. One thing was a roll-on with pure lavendar oil. I was about to go to choir one evening but was hesitant because I had a headache (this was before I knew the Cackler). My mom suggested I roll some lavendar on my temples and wrists. I did, and the smell was relaxing and it made my headache go away. Anyway, she passed around a few of the oils so that we could smell them. There was a mixture she passed around called “Joy”. It smelled a bit like licorice. A very startling smell at first, but it grew on me. I passed it to a lady who sat down next to me. Each time I passed her a new bottle of oil, she’d ask me suspiciously, “Is it good or bad?” Usually it was good. This time, our opinions differed. She smelled “Joy” and crinkled up her nose. “Oh gawd, I don’t like that one.” She shivered again and passed the bottle to the next person. I looked up the price of each oil once my internet was working and shazaam, they’re expensive! I heard it takes a lot of effort to make just one bottle but yikes! I wouldn’t mind buying a few of those, especially “Joy”, though.

I was so irritated at work earlier today that I wondered if McDonald’s was hiring. Not too seriously, though, but I would love a job where filing was not one of my jobs. I won’t go too into it, but I get tired of people belittling my concern for keeping a perfect file. A perfect file makes for a happy auditor which equals less headaches for our department.

Later on that day, though, things picked up. I was buzzing around from one side of the school to the next, and was needed in three different directions. Our graduation ceremony is next month, so students are picking up their stuff. I explained all the details to each grad (one grad suggested I just set up a recording to save some time and my breath), and then to some I had to explain some paperwork they still needed to fill out. One student suddenly became his own lawyer. One of the most easy-going, nicest students of the school and he gives me the third degree on why he should sign this or that. I was exhausted by the time he was done.

So yeah, while I was explaining one thing to some and another thing to others, occasionally having to speed over to the supply closet for caps and gowns, I was also setting up online testing for potential students. I fumbled the first time, but then it became more automatic and fun. Within that crazy period, I was able to get some stuff done. Now I’m tired and need to go to bed fast so that Friday can come as soon as possible.

10 thoughts on “Essential Vitamins

  1. Mmmm, essential oils. I would have enjoyed that seminar too! Seems like even at a price some of them might be nice to have around.
    Your school is so lucky to have you…you are like the Energizer bunny over there!
    And I’m so glad your internet is fixed so we can hear all that is going on :-)

  2. A bad splitter? How old was it? I don’t recall ever seeing or hearing about one going bad. Glad it’s fixed now, even better that it was fixed free of charge.

    Were you wearing a black and yellow shirt while you were buzzing around?

  3. I luv the smell lavender, it is very relaxing.

    That’s good you got a lot of stuff done, even under a lot of pressure. I think that the easy nice student gave you a hard time because he’s freaking out about graduating, and somehow the paperwork was an opportunity to regain some sense of control. People do the strangest things sometimes when they’re stressed out.

    Still, kudos to you for getting the work done, even when it’s not the best of circumstances.

  4. Laura: It was an interesting class! I’m glad I went. Aww, thank you. My internet went down again today! Second time on a Sunday! Weird.

    AlienCG: A bad splitter is rare, according to the cable guy. Nope, no bee outfit was around when I went buzzing around my office. No Blind Melon music video, either.

    NoRegrets: Yeah, I have a Glade plugin with lavender and vanilla in my bedroom. The good thing is that I can relax easier while I fall asleep. The bad part is that I oversleep.

    Tim: Life without the internet takes some getting used to, it went down again today, but thankfully there were some movies I could watch on TV. Otherwise I would’ve had to…like…..clean my apartment or…read. I didn’t have that patience today.

    Thank you for letting me know about your friend’s blog! I love learning about that kind of stuff!

    Eros: Thank you! Yeah lavender definitely helps relax me, I have a lavender/vanilla plug-in in my room and it helps me unwind.

    Seb: It is expensive, but I noticed they have an essentials kit that isn’t too expensive. I wouldn’t mind ordering that one.

    Suze: I do too. I might just give in and buy some of those oils.

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