“Think about direction, wonder why you haven’t before.”

Hey everybody, sorry I’m late for the Saturday Scavenger Shots. My internet went down yesterday. Sure I could’ve posted stuff on Saturday, which would’ve been right on time, but I thought a day late wouldn’t hurt too much. But then the internet decided to punish me for my procrastination. Oy vey. I’ve been saying that to myself a lot lately. Just a perfect expression of exasperation.

Anyway, it was my turn to choose the word, so I chose “direction”. There were a few directions I could’ve taken for this theme, but decided on the following photo, taken back when we were on our way to Canada.


We were headed in the direction of our vacation. On the way to our layover destination, the pilot told us that we’d have to change direction and land at another airport due to storms. Once the plane finally landed, we were given directions on where to go to get stand-by tickets or they could direct us to the nearest hotel to spend the night in order to catch the next flight the next day. Meanwhile, part of our luggage went another direction.

Eventually but during the same day, we were lucky enough to catch a plane that was headed in the right direction, and my mom and I finally got to start our vacation with my brother and his family and my other brother and his wife.

Good thing, because if one more person had questioned me about why we chose to have a layover in Texas (there weren’t any nonstop flights and that was the path that made the most sense), I would’ve had to give them special directions on where to go.

I hope you liked my one photo. I choose Churlita to be the next word chooser! Go to it, Ms. Churlita!


4 thoughts on ““Think about direction, wonder why you haven’t before.”

  1. I like that picture, very cool. I flew to Montreal about a year and a half ago and on my way there, I had a layover in Philadelphia. On my way home, I had a nonstop from Montreal-Dorval back to Cleveland. I still love the way the airlines fly from Cleveland to Denver to get to Baltimore. They definitely have a problem with direction.

  2. Awesome shot! It’s like a beautiful art print. That is crazy with the layovers, but a friend of mine in the airline industry told me that different airlines have different hub cities, where they concentrate their fleet and make their routes–to make the most profit and save money. So, certain airlines only fly to certain cities, even if it’s opposite of your intended destination.

  3. If a straight line is the shortest distance between two points, then airline travel patterns must be the longest. They do do their thing. That is a great post and photo :-) Now, I wonder what Churlita will choose for us?

  4. AlienCG: I also love how the airline I went through to fly to South Carolina took me up to Detroit, Michigan for a layover. Hmm…Um…backwards to go forwards?

    Eros: Thank you! I’d much rather make fun of the airlines instead of try to make sense out of their flight patterns. ;)

    Laura B: Thanks, I was glad that photo turned out so well, sometimes I get the airplane shots a little blurry or I’ve forgotten to turn off the flash.

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