Wildcard Thursday

We had our concert on Friday night and the place was packed. There’s a senior center attached to the rec center, so most of the seniors who hang out there attended the concert. They weren’t the only ones, though, some of our family members and friends showed up. We sang the “Star Spangled Banner”, then parted ways while the band played a few songs, and then we returned and sang our tunes. We sang the medley of songs from the Armed Forces, and during each song the veterans of that particular group were encouraged to stand up. Everyone applauded them, it was very patriotic and emotional, and enough to make more than a few people teary-eyed. We sang all of our songs and received a standing ovation! It was really a nice concert!

– Near the end of the “Star Spangled Banner”, when we sing, “O’er the land of the free…” the Cackler piped in and sang her apparently exclusive high note. I had to keep my eyes from rolling too much because we were standing in front of a huge crowd. Afterwords, while we waited in the next room for the band to finish their selections, one of my choir friends was talking to the Cackler and “innocently” mentioned, “You didn’t have to sing that high note, you know.” The Cackler replied defiantly, “I wanted to sing it. Every professional Soprano I’ve heard has sung that high note during that particular part.” Well that’s all well and good, and a professional Soprano, who has had plenty of training should probably sing that note – belt it out. But she is not as professional as she thinks she is, and her voice cracked (as mine probably would’ve) when she ventured into that note at our last concert. It really isn’t necessary to sing that high of a note during an important part of every single song. It begins to sound ridiculous. But alas, I am not her choir director no more than she is to me, and how do you tell someone that they shouldn’t sing so enthusiastically? She obviously loves to sing.

– This weekend I went to the craft store and bought more soap supplies. I also picked up a box of supplies for making lotions and lip gloss. Too cool to pass up. So on Saturday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night I was a soap-making fool. I also made some lip gloss and created some hand lotion that smells really nice. I’m hooked, I’ll have to keep up this hobby.

Plate of Soaps

This collection has grown since I took this particular picture. Now I have a heaping plateful of soaps.

Lip Gloss and Hand Lotion

Lotions and lip gloss! Part of the Tara Collection at Macy’s.

U.S. Flag

This one took longer than the usual soap bar, I made the solid red, white and blue parts first, then put them back in the mold and poured clear soap over it to seal the deal. The stars didn’t quite make it, though. I’ll have to find a better way to make those next time. I wanted to see if I really could make an American flag out of soap. Or at least an abstract version of it.

– My mom and I went walking on a new nature trail in the nearby town. Remember when I blogged about getting lost on a particular trail? Well they actually took that trail, repaved it, revamped it (not sure if it was vamped to begin with), merged it into another new trail that takes people from one little lake to the next, and in between put up some neat bridges and a playground! I didn’t know about the playground until we went walking along and I looked far ahead. They have a sandbox at the playground that has a model of a mammoth skeleton. They made it look like it melted in the tar pits. Very cool. I found the swings right away and tried those out. Love the swings. There was also a little pond with lily pads, and I saw a frog peaking out, observing any and all activity.

– Fun weekend! Can’t say quite the same for this week, though, but I cured the blues the other day by buying the game Wii Sports Resort. If you know Wii Sports, well this turns it up a notch and there are several games to play including archery, water skiing, frisbee and sword fighting (you have to hit your opponent repeatedly until they fall off the platform and into the water). I was like a kid again, all happy about a toy. I highly recommend buying the game!


9 thoughts on “Wildcard Thursday

  1. I’m glad to hear the concert went well and that the Cackler behaved in her usual Cackler fashion. She is nothing if not predictable :-)

    I think making soaps and lotions sounds like so much fun. Your little soaps are so cute! That is a hobby I think I’d like to try at some point. No way to get hurt right? Worst case result, a shapeless, but fragrant blob? I can handle that.

    That nature trail sounds really fun too! What a great weekend…and I hope the rest of the week goes better.

  2. That’s some really cool looking soaps and lotions! Those are some great colors and forms. Great hobby! Looks like a lot of fun, just like your new game. Glad to hear your concert turned out great, and the Cackler once again makes a donkey of her self.

    Hiking/nature trails are great! Especially when you discover new things on them, hopefully things that won’t try to eat you.

  3. Glad the concert went pretty well (with the exception of the excess cackling). I am going to have to try Wii Sports Resort, it look pretty good, but I’m a try before buy type of human.

  4. Laura B.: The only thing about soap is that you can actually get it too hot from melting it in the microwave, and if you pour it into the molds too soon after melting, it could melt the mold. It’s a learning process for me. Lol.

    Churlita: You should buy a new toy..Especially a video game, it’ll make things better.

    Silver: They are basic and fun, aren’t they?

    Tim: Thanks, Tim! Should I make a collection called Soaps of the World?

    Eros: Yeah, a creature eating me while I’m trying to go on a peaceful walk would really screw up the serenity, wouldn’t it? :)

    Manuel: Could you please slap her for me?

    Thanks, I will be making more soaps in the future, along with more lotions and stuff.

    People are so happy about that new trail. We see more and more families going on hikes now.

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