Friday Flick Trailer (The Fog – 1980)

It is Friday, everybody! Time to celebrate the end of a long week. What better way to celebrate than to have another movie trailer posted, right? Okay, well I’m sure there are much better ways to celebrate Friday, but that was my intro. Anyway, this is a trailer for the original version of “The Fog”. This is one of my all-time favorite horror movies. If you’ve never seen it but like these types of movies, you should check it out. But I recommend the original, not the remake. Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!


4 thoughts on “Friday Flick Trailer (The Fog – 1980)

  1. I like horror movies! Most don’t scare me, but I do enjoy the creativity and some of the plots are really fascinating. I’m going to add this to my list of movies to watch. Sometimes, the original are so much better than the sequel.

  2. NoRegrets: This one is one of those horror movies that might give you the creeps – especially the next time we have fog roll in.
    After that movie and every time we had a little bit of fog, my mom would try to scare me by saying that the fog is creeping across the park. Too fun.

    Seb: No problem! Enjoy!

    Eros: I hope you do watch the original – I envy people who are just now watching these movies for the first time.

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