August 2009!

Well here it is! August is tomorrow and the list is ready. Thank you again for all of your suggestions! If I forgot to add anything that you want in here, please let me know.



AUGUST 2009!!

1. August–Picnic at the Park Day–Enjoy the summer while it lasts, because Winter is coming!
2. Celebrate Our Last Month of Summer Day (Do Something Extremely Summery)
3. Teddy Bear Tea Day (Have a tea party with your favorite stuffed friend)
4. Kick Back Dude is 24 (and I am old)
5. Blog About Your Celebrity Crush Day
6. Make a Miniature House Out of Popsicle Sticks or Toothpicks
7. Save a Tree Day – Recycle Your Newspapers (If you have them)
8. Share the Song That’s Stuck in Your Head Today
9. Disorganization Appreciation Day
10. Love Bug is 2/Beginning of Alien’s “Cartoon Appreciation Week/BHM’s Birthday
11. Write a Poem About Stationary Today
12. NoRegrets’s Birthday!/Shooting Stars Day (Make some wishes – the Perseids meteor shower peaks this night!)
13. Left-Handers Day (International)
14. Act Like a Cat Today (Halle Barry’s Birthday – 1969)
15. Sneezing Awareness Day (Hay fever season starts – through Sept. 15th)
16. Ksra’s Birthday!
17. Do an Impression of Robert DeNiro in the Mirror Today (Robert DeNiro’s Birthday – 1943)
18. Homeless Animal Day (National)
19. Snuffleupagus’s Birthday! (Sesame Street Character)
20. Lemonade Day – Drink Lemonade!
21. Luau Day (Hawaii becomes the 50th state) – Eat a pineapple, drink Hawaiian Punch, and Hula Dance Today
22. Phone Etiquette Appreciation Day
23. Dance and Sing in the Rain Today (If no Rain, than the Living Room) – Gene Kelly’s Birthday – 1912
24. Help Aliens with Their Cargo of Cocoons Today (Steve Guttenberg’s 50th Birthday)
25. Follow the Yellow Brick Road Today (Wizard of Oz premiered, August 25, 1939)
26. Do Something Fun Today
27. Do Something Saintly Today (Mother Teresa’s Birthday – 1910)
28. Smoothie Appreciation Day
29. Little Prince is 1
30. National Toasted Marshmallow Day
31. Grow Old Gracefully Day (Ramona Trinidad Iglesias-Jordan was born August 31, 1889. Until her death on May 29, 2004, she had been the world’s oldest person)

Here are some other things to celebrate this month!

Admit You’re Happy Month
Family Fun Month
National Catfish Month
National Eye Exam Month
National Golf Month
Peach Month
Romance Awareness Month
Water Quality Month
National Picnic Month




5 thoughts on “August 2009!

  1. Excellent holidays! Oh, August, you’re like Sunday, knowing that Monday is around the corner. But your here to remind us to have fun before we get back to work and our normal routine.

    Luv the food and fun activities holidays!

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