Not So Fast, Cackler!

Our small gathering of choir members practiced for the patriotic concert that’s going to be held this Friday. I was glad to see that a few people I know in the Soprano I section had shown up. It felt like we were attending Summer school, this is the first time we have met to practice in the middle of Summer like this. It feels unnatural and fun at the same time.

The Cackle Queen (new nickname perhaps?) was among the Sopranos who showed up, and she was the same as how I had left her after our last concert. Our regular director will not be around for this concert, I think they said he’s on vacation. So our 2nd in command asked if there was anyone who’d like to volunteer as a choir director, and nobody raised their hands. I was expecting the Cackler to come forth, she seems so good at directing from her seat behind me. But she did not volunteer. She still brought attention to our organizer that we didn’t sound right in certain parts.

We practiced a medley of songs from the Armed Forces, then we sang “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and of course “The Star Spangled Banner”. We have another practice tomorrow, and that will be with the band.

So that’s where it stands! Thank you for all of the holiday suggestions again! August will be another fun month, I can feel it!


9 thoughts on “Not So Fast, Cackler!

  1. hee hee! I always like hearing how that Cackler is doing…that miserable shrew :-) I am guessing that she doesn’t want to direct because she wants her voice to be heard….and maybe she doesn’t want her back to the audience. Could be dangerous for someone with her stunning personality :-)

    I hope your patriotic concert goes well and that you have fun with it. And I agree…August will be a fun month.

  2. I luv the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, one of my fave songs to ever sing in the various choirs I was in growing up.

    No Regrets is right. That Cackler is all talk. The really sad thing, she thinks she’s all that when everyone probably thinks she’s crap. Sad, really.

    But it is nice to have this choir session in summer and patriotic songs are fun! Are y’all going to be singing the standards “This land is your land”, “God Bless America”, and “I’m proud to be an American”?

  3. Laura B.: Thank you, LB! It should be a fun concert! The Cackler does love to sing, so I can see how she would rather conduct from the choir rather than to the choir.

    NoRegrets: It does seem much easier when people are not facing the crowd. My system is upset? What happened?

    Eros: No, sadly we won’t be singing those songs, but we will be singing songs from the Armed Forces like “Anchors Aweigh” (Navy), “Off We Go” (Airforce), “The Caisson Song” (Army) and “The Marines’ Hymn” for the Marines. Most of these are very upbeat.

    Suze: Battle Hymn gives me chills. Love that song.

    Seb: It certainly would’ve been a bloggable moment, that’s for sure!

    Manuel: I know, and I think she would’ve kept us practicing for way too long.

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