August Ideas, Please!

Hey everybody! Hope you all had a lovely, lovely weekend!

If you have any August holiday ideas you’d like me to post, just let me know! Anniversaries and birthdays, too!

I’m a happy camper, I just requested a week off for vacation in September and the vacation fairy has granted my wish. Yay!


Here’s the batmobile. Batman loves the Merry-Go-Round. Betcha didn’t know that!

12 thoughts on “August Ideas, Please!

  1. I have a lot of August birthdays…sorry! haha!
    8/4 – Kick Back Dude is 24 (and I am old)
    8/10 – Love Bug is 2
    8/29 – Little Prince is 1

    Let’s see…what else?

    How about a Teddy Bear Tea Day – Have a tea party with your favorite stuffed friend :-)

    Blog About Your Celebrity Crush Day

  2. Hooray for August

    1 August–Picnic at the Park Day–Enjoy the summer while it lasts, because winter is coming!

    12 August–Shooting Stars Day (Make some wishes) the Perseids meteor shower peaks this night! Lots of shooting stars for everyone to wish upon.

    20 August–Lemonade Day–Drink lemonade!

    21 August–Luau Day (Hawaii becomes the 50th state) Eat a pineapple, drink Hawaiian Punch, and hula dance today.

  3. August 10th is BHM’s Birthday..

    And I was perusing the web and came across these.. Hope this helps..

    Admit You’re Happy Month
    Family Fun Month
    National Catfish Month
    National Eye Exam Month
    National Golf Month
    Peach Month
    Romance Awareness Month
    Water Quality Month
    National Picnic Month

  4. Laura B.: Wow, your August is like my March! We have tons of birthdays in the Spring. And I just bought a teddy bear a few weeks ago from a flea market, so that tea party holiday will be perfect!

    Tim: Of course we can celebrate his birthday! It will be on the list.

    Churlita: Very good idea, that might be a good day for me to go to the beach.

    AlienCG: Gotta celebrate cartoons!

    Suze: There might be some camping involved, and I plan to involve a lot of doing anything I want.

    Eros: Wow, these are all great ideas! Thank you!

    Babybull: These definitely help, thank you!

  5. Hellooooooooooo Tara! I was leaving a message – well comment on Alien’s page and wanted to stop by and say hey to all of ya! I MISS ALL YOU GUYS!!!! Anyways, Loving the Batmobile! Great shot!!! I believe the Batmobile came to Cleveland ~ Valley View Cinema when the Dark Knight came out. Was this pic from there?

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