Summer Down Now!

Laura B., the queen of Summer hijinks and good times, chose this week’s word to be “summer”. Perfect, since that season is upon us!

I found some photos that I took awhile back at Six Flags Amusement Park. Summer is the season to visit amusement parks. I found these photos just in time for this week’s word!

Shipwreck Falls 2

The next new photos will be progressive shots. This is one of my favorite rides at Six Flags, called Shipwreck Falls. Here is a shot of some riders going down the hill.

Shipwreck Falls 3

The impact of the boat/car/log hitting the well of water at the bottom of the hill creates a huge splash and a wave of water. People in the car get soaked, but it’s not over yet.

Shipwreck Falls 4

To the left, you’ll see the gob of water moving inland.

Shipwreck Falls 5

There is a platform nearby where people can watch the ride, but I advise you to not stand there in your new suit or whatever. You get soaked almost as much as the riders do, and you see the water coming toward you. I went on this ride several times. Several. But I also enjoyed standing on the platform and getting hit by the water. This shot was taken quickly so that I could hide my camera from the water.


Finally, here are some rafters at Six Flags. I don’t know what the ride is called, but I think all it consists of is to rent an inner tube and float down a lazy river. Maybe it was called Lazy River. Not sure.

That’s the end of my photo collection for this week’s word. Who will LB tag next? We shall see!


8 thoughts on “Summer Down Now!

  1. What a fun way to celebrate summer! I can almost feel the water splashing me and cooling me down. Great job, Tara :-)
    Dmarks has chosen the word WINTER for next week. That is going to be fun :-)

  2. I love the action shots you got. I remember this ride pretty well and getting soaked on the walkway. Great pictures for SUMMER, thanks for sharing.

  3. I luv the fotos! I luv going to amusement parks. Water rides are an awesome way to cool of in the summer. These are some great shots! You can feel the excitement and fun coming through!

  4. Laura B.: Thanks LB! Never thought I’d say this, but Winter will be fun! :)

    AlienCG: Thank you, I loved that ride – not sure what I liked better, watching the water head toward me, or get wet on the actual ride.

    NoRegrets: Thanks! I’m glad I found these photos. It was the right timing!

    Eros: Thank you to you too! I missed out on lounging on the innertubes of that last ride. That would’ve been relaxing.

    Babybull40: Thanks, glad you like them! :)

  5. Churlita: I can definitely understand staying at a waterpark for 12 hours. I went to one in Ohio with my family and a friend. By the end of the day we were so sunburned and tired, but it was the best!

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