Soooo…no lasting effects? Seriously?

When I exercise, I like to watch a movie from my collection that will take me the distance, will distract me for a good half hour while I’m on that boring exercise bike. Yesterday, I popped “Poltergeist” into my VCR/DVD combo. I will always love that movie, but it’s hard to exercise to, because during certain, suspenseful scenes, I stop to listen to what they’re saying, or just stop to watch in awe. Anyway, I had other things to do once I finished exercising, so I stopped the movie right before audience members would think everything is back to normal.

Watched the rest of it during lunch time today and I started wondering how anyone who went through what that family endured (I will not say anything, there might be people who have not seen this wonderful, classic movie) could bounce back so easily. Two young, little kids were involved (and a teenager) – terrifying, supernatural things happened to them. I’m thinking they would need a bit of therapy. The wife fell into a swimming pool with corpses, and strands of her hair turned white, so she gets some Clairol and takes care of it. I’m just thinking that, if I had spent some time trapped in a “perpetual dream state” where my family could only hear me through static on an 80s style TV set, in a world where trees can attack kids and invisible demons can toss you up on the ceiling in your jammies….Well that would leave a mark.


5 thoughts on “Soooo…no lasting effects? Seriously?

  1. I remember seeing this movie the first time when I was young and having the crap scared out of me. These days, however, it takes a lot more than a tennis ball coming out of the closet or a weird face on a tree. Of course, now, the static pattern has to be replaced with digital artifacting.

  2. This is one of the few scary movies that I’ve always really liked. I know there were scenes that raised the hairs on the back of my neck.
    Yeah, I’m thinking I might need a little something or other after an experience like that. Therapy, an expensive vacation…something.

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