Change O’Plans

So we were all ready to head on out to the parade. We were going to start loading up our backpacks with candy when my coworker noticed a new email message from the parade organizer. Because it had been rainy and drippy all day and there was more rain to come, the parade was canceled. No rescheduling, we’ll have to wait for that particular parade until next year.
(grumble) I’m too old for this shit.

Which reminds me, it is Danny Glover’s birthday! Born this day in 1947! Happy Birthday Mr. Glover!

Since it is his birthday, the holiday calls for us to grumble “I’m too old for this shit” whenever you don’t want to do something or a parade gets canceled. That last part was in the fine print.


8 thoughts on “Change O’Plans

  1. NoRegrets: No, never to old to give shit, either. :)

    AlienCG: Yup, we got one that seemed to come out of nowhere the other day. One moment it was sunny, the next it was windy and torrential.

    Churlita: Even the sky was grumbling this week!

    Laura b.: Yes, exactly! The rain literally rained on my parade. Grumble.

  2. Well, look at the bright side: You’ve got all that candy now. No need to let it go to waste.

    I envy your rains. It’s been dry drought in my part of the country–breaking heat records and wildfires all over the place! A hurricane would be an almost welcomed relief down here! Almost.

  3. Eros: I will send some rain (no hurricanes or tornadoes) over to you, so that you can end the drought!

    Manuel: I know, right? It’s shitty. Let’s say shit one more time. Shit.

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