Obsession….Yes, obsession….The essence of eternity.

I can’t think of this week’s Saturday Scavenger Shot word, “obsession” (chosen by Ananda Girl), without remembering the weird Calvin Klein cologne/perfume commercials they used to have on TV. Saturday Night Live came up with a spoof called something like “Compulsive” and showed very serious people obsessed about cleaning.

Anyway, I kind of cheated this time, didn’t use an actual photo I took myself. My current obsession, Facebook, kind of branched off into two other obsessions.

Farm Town – Life is hard on the virtual farm, but it’s also fun. I’ve got a good spot of land with some excellent crops of various veggies, fruits and flowers. I also have some livestock plus dogs and one cat. My farmer neighbors are very cool and helpful.

Just when I thought I could handle one farm, a friend of mine invited me to start another farm in Farmville. That one’s addictive too. Even better, I get to milk the cows, collect eggs from the chickens and wool from the sheep. Someone gave me a pig the other day, but I’m not sure what I collect from that one – bacon perhaps? Anyway, I’m obsessed with that application too.

So that’s what I have this time. Just a little taste of my online obsessions!


7 thoughts on “Obsession….Yes, obsession….The essence of eternity.

  1. Probably my biggest concern about “officially” joining Facebook is that I will get addicted to all of these silly apps. I’ll give credit for participating.

  2. I can relate. I’ve a video game addiction–so no gaming consoles with me or I’d never leave the house. Though, I wouldn’t mind having a virtual farm–probably a lot better smelling than the real farm.

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