That New Blog Post Smell

My coworker and I were in my office working on something the other day. My coworker, who’s married with a kid, said, “Our manager will be here late tonight, all night, so you can get those papers signed before you leave today.”

I joked, “Literally all night, huh?”

My associate replied, “Eh, he’s not married, he’s got nothing better to do.”

In my mind it sounded like the needle being ripped off a record player…errrk!) Knowing my coworker was just trying to be a playful asshole, I turned to him slowly and said, “Soooo…if we’re not married that means we have to stay here forever?”

He was quiet for a bit, grinned nervously as if he knew what he just implied, then laughed and said, “Ha ha, that’s right, you all know your place!” The lame, forgettable jokes that followed kind of disintegrated into the atmosphere and the subject was changed.

– I had my belated performance review last week! Met up with our campus director who wanted my brand new department manager to sit in on it for training. Well I got a raise! Woot, right? The main things that made her happy was the fact that I’m almost always there (hardly ever call in sick), that I helped run the department for the unfathomably long time we didn’t have a department manager and then once we did he was always calling in sick), and that I plan and coordinate graduation. They both noted, too, that I have improved with making more phone calls to employers. It was a good meeting.

– They even asked me what they could do to help make my job easier..Whoa! I’ve never been asked that before! I told them that more communication would be nice, which they admitted has been lacking. This past year we’ve had people quit and new people start, and unless you’re in the gossip circuit, you just aren’t notified. A survey had been sent around last month asking several different questions including something about staff meetings. It sounds weird, but I actually like the all-school staff meetings. We get food, we see people who we haven’t had the chance to talk to, and it’s kind of nice. Enough people must’ve suggested the staff meetings (it was multiple choice), because we’ll be having one the last week in July.

– Enough about that. I’m going to start saving up for a new car. Not a used one, but a nice, refreshing, new car. I’m not breaking the bank on one though, either. I have a few in mind. Any suggestions?


10 thoughts on “That New Blog Post Smell

  1. I’ve always had more of a life than the married folks, so nyah, nyah.

    Congrats on the good review and raise and actually talking to the management. It’s about time a workplace decide to listen to their employees, what a concept.

    As far as cars go, I like my Mazda and Evil-E likes his VW Rabbit. My advice, go test drive a few and see what you like.

  2. I echo Manuel and AlienCG: Congratulations on a great review and a raise! It’s like you’ve finally been nominated for a Golden Globe and you won! You’ve earned it! It’s so nice when the big boss finally acknowledges your worth and contributions.

    As for the jerk with the family, yeah, sometimes, people with families tend to look down on us single people, as if somehow, not having kids makes our lives less meaningful. It’s not all of them, just a few idiots. But I’ve learned that I like being single. I like my life. I like being able to sleep in or taking off whenever I feel like it, eat what I want, and never have to worry about running out of hot water or fighting over the remote.

    I mean, I like some of my friends who have kids. But I like my life just fine. People who tend to put down other people will find themselves alone, with no friends.

    As for a car, I’m driving a Honda, and I’m very happy with it. I’ve had it for five years and have not had to go in for any major repairs–just oil and fluid changes every 10,000 miles (as recommended by the factory). It has great gas mileage and is very roomy and comfortable–I’ve slept in it during camping trips and long interstate drives.

    My first two cars were American (Chevy and Ford), and they both needed a lot of repairs and had poor gas mileage. I’ve driven my friend’s Toyata Rav 4 during winter in Chicago, and that’s a pretty nice mid size SUV–It had great gas mileage and good room and excellent maintenance. Hondas and Toyotas are being built in America. AlienCG is right: Test drive a lot of cars. Research them on the internet to read people’s reviews. Then narrow them down and go out for test drives. Hope you find a great one!

  3. haha! Having been married with small children at home I can fairly safely say that what you are hearing is actually a bit of envy talking. Not that a family isn’t delightful, but your time is never your own. Forgive him :-) He’s jealous.

    I like the sound of this new boss and it sounds like you are getting some long overdue appreciation. And a raise…oh man! Jealous! And see…I might handle that by saying, “Oh, more money. I guess that’s alright if you are into that sort of thing.” haha!

    I know you will find the perfect car and that a lot of the fun will be in the looking. I love Minis, but I don’t know anything about them. I have had a couple of Toyotas and they were extremely reliable.

  4. Manuel: Yeah, he tends to put his foot in his mouth sometimes when he gets carried away. But thanks for the congrats!

    AlienCG: Thank you! Yeah, it was a nice surprise! And thank you for the car suggestions!

    Eros: Thank you! The fact that they appreciate my work, especially graduation, makes things much nicer and easier for me to do my job.

    The friends I have who are married are very cool, it’s just comments like that where they assume that if we’re not married we don’t have anything else to do is very offensive. He’s not the only one I’ve worked with who has assumed such a thing.

    Honda, eh? I like the dependable part, I hate having to take a car in for problems. My mom has a Hundai and is also very good. Thank you for the suggestion!

    Seb: Thank you! A gambling spree sounds fun! Spend a weekend at Caesar’s Palace and….cha ching!

    NoRegrets: Thank you! Yeah, my coworker can be funny, but he wasn’t at that moment.

    Thank you for the car suggestion – Knowing myself, I would probably get the Matrix just for the name.

    Tim: Thank ya! I never would’ve suspected you would suggest the Minis! ;) They look and sound very cool, though. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Laura B.: Yeah, my coworker used to be a party boy, so I imagine he’s a bit envious. The next time he’s acting obnoxious, I’ll just think about him being jealous of my lifestyle. Hehe.

    So far I do like our new boss – he seems to care about his job and wants to learn as much as he can as soon as possible.

    Thank you for the Toyota suggestion. I love a reliable car.

    Silver: Lol! We have work-study students, but that would be too traceable.

  5. I hate that attitude that married with children people are more important than others. So dumb.

    Good job on the raise and it sounds like you might finally getting support at your job. Sometimes, that makes all the difference.

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