Saturday (Sunday) Scavenger Shots: Scrap

Crazy4Coens chose “scrap” to be this Saturday’s word for the Scavenger Shot game! It was an interesting word, so let’s get to it:

The following photos are of things I created from scrap a few years back out of some supplies from work. It was fun creating all of these objects.


I made this dinnerware from gum wrappers. My mom taught me how to make a drinking goblet from those kinds of scraps, and then I just took it from there.


Backpacker climbing a rocky cliff made of construction paper. The stick figure and his backpack were drawn in using Microsoft Paint.

Fifi and the Sharks

Fifi the cat made of scrap is being chased by sharks while sailing to distant, Egyptian pyramids (some of this idea was suggested by a guy on a social networking site I used to frequent).


Turtle made of scrap Post-It notes.

The word for next week has been chosen quite diligently and punctually by Ananda Girl! Next weekend we will post our “obsession”…by Calvin Klein.

8 thoughts on “Saturday (Sunday) Scavenger Shots: Scrap

  1. AlienCG: Thanks! I think the dinnerware would be suitable for doll house dwellers and mice. Otherwise, I’m not sure it would stand up to the weight of regular spaghetti.

    Churlita: Thank you!

    Eros: I hope she did too, she has drive and ambition, but then again so do the sharks.

    Laura B.: Thanks! I wonder if cats get seasick?

    Seb: I know nothing about a bank heist or assault…Absolutely nothing, nope…Trust me! ;)

    Manuel: Why thank you! It was fun!

    K_sra: Hey there! Look forward to meeting up tonight! And thank you, I will see if I can make more scraps like that.

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