Trying Something

Hey, I was thinking of starting a feature here for every Friday. Yesterday I was on YouTube, checking out movie trailers from older movies like “The Amityville Horror” and “The Haunting”.

How bout this – a movie trailer each Friday? What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Trying Something

  1. It sounds like a good idea! Maybe people can post reviews or thoughts on those movie trailers. I sure haven’t seen a lot of movies, so this might be fun! It’d be a great way to decide what films to watch.

  2. Eros: Yeah, it could be an open forum! I’m such a fan of movies, I want to do this.

    Laura B: Exactly! Yay two yes’s!

    Churlita: I watch YouTube at work sometimes during moments when I’m not motivated, whether it’s right or not. But I keep the sound off just in case a manager is in the area.

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