Share a Sizzling Summer Memory Day

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away – in fact it was a very local galaxy, my family and I ventured down to the southern parts of Ohio to a place called South Fork, Ohio. We went down there because one of my brothers was a participant in a bass fishing tournament and there were campgrounds nearby, near a lake.

I made friends with the daughter of a friend of my brother’s, and the two of us went exploring. We found two boys our age who my friend decided we should flirt with for the rest of our vacation. The most I did, really, was go up to one of them and ask for their names and ages. Hmm – seems to me like I did all the work. She threw a snail into the lake but hit one of the guys by “accident”.

We pretty much stalked them until one of them gave us the finger. After that, they kind of lost their appeal.

So that’s my sizzling Summer memory. Any questions?


9 thoughts on “Share a Sizzling Summer Memory Day

  1. My best Summer memory was one time, my two cousins came to visit and my parents took us, and my little sister downtown. It was over 100 degrees and when we came back, we were all SO hot. So what did we do. Well, as we had no pool, the four of us went to the next best spot – the bathtub. Yes, all four of us in a bathtub – a 2 year old, two 10 year olds, and a 12(?) year old – all in a small tub. One of my favorite pictures I have.

  2. haha! You sound like you operated much as I did as a kid. I wasn’t exactly one of those expert flirters, which some people seem just born to do.
    This is a fun post. Maybe I will give it a try on my blog too :-)

  3. A few years before the new millennium, I was a year fresh out of high school, living and working in a city. That summer, some of my friends proposed we go to Six Flags. I’d never been at an amusement park before, and I’ve never ridden a rollercoaster before either. I was excited because it was also my first road trip with my new friends–I was one of the few who were still teenagers; the eldest in our group was but 24.

    We took three cars and drove to the bigger city. A three hour drive. I was nervous about how I’d be able to handle the rollercoasters. But a friend gave me really good advice: Just scream!

    And that’s what I did for the first ride: The Freefall! We went up and up and then we stopped, and before we could even start counting, we suddenly plunged and I screamed my head off! What a thrill! Such an exciting and heart pounding sensation! I luved it! I knew then that I was going to be all right. And the next ride we went on was the metal rollercoaster with dips, drops, and loops. I was hooked.

    Ever since then, I’ve tried to go to an amusement during summer.

  4. Hmm, asking for names and ages is flirting? I think he was flirting when he gave you the finger, you just missed the subtlety of the gesture.

  5. Churlita: It’ll have to do, right? :D

    Manuel: Everybody in the tub! That sounds like a funny, memorable Summer!

    Laura B: I hope you do post, this was fun to write about!

    Eros: Amusement parks are so fun in the Summer! I loved it when we could go to Sea World and Geauga Lake in one day. You could take a ferry across the lake from one park to the next.

    Seb: They smiled at us, too, when he gave us the finger. Like they relished it. Evil.

    AlienCG: It was either that or do the opposite and play “hard to get” which was what my mom suggested. We played that for a few hours, I’m sure we made those guys happy.

  6. Seb: Yes! I’m sure that bear of yours would like a few human appetizers, wouldn’t he? Give him a break from trying to drink coffee and get him away from any explosives? ;)

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