I Vote for More Three-Day Weekends!

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! It was Independence Day for us Americans on the 4th, and some of us were treated to a three-day weekend! I love those, even though they tend to breeze by just as fast as a regular weekend. Plus, it scrambled my brain a bit. On Friday I thought it was Saturday and wondered why nobody was posting their photos for Saturday Scavenger Shots. Der!

Had a great weekend – got my new MP3 player, ate some good food, went walking and saw some great movies.

– “Exorcist: The Beginning” – I caught this on TV, thought I’d watch it since I’ve seen all the other Exorcist movies and thought, “What the hell?” I am glad I invested my time in that movie, it was pretty good. It was suspenseful and creepy enough to keep me interested. I was so caught up in the movie that, when some firecrackers went off outside, I almost hit the ceiling, I was so startled.

– I didn’t do much of anything on Friday when our offices were closed, and I don’t feel too guilty about it. I pretty much sat on my butt and browsed the wonders of Facebook for an obscene amount of time. Then I got some fresh air and went on a trek to the mailbox. We used to have a mailbox near the leasing office, but they took it away because idiots were using it as a dumpster. We can’t have nice things, can we? Then I decided to do my laundry once I got home. I guess I did accomplish a few things!

– On Saturday, I was in the middle of a lovely sleep-in session…I didn’t have to work, didn’t have to do anything until later that day, and I was comfy in my bed. Then the phone rang at 8:30 in the morning. I always figure that it’s my mom at that hour, since she is a morning person and it’s either an emergency or she wants me to see something on TV or she got my work schedule mixed up a bit. So I stumbled out of my cozy lair of memory foam, pillows and quilts (we had a cold-front come in, which does make for nicer sleeping weather) and looked at my caller ID. It was my brother’s phone number. My instincts told me that this wasn’t an emergency, that I should’ve let the voice mail take messages. But I answered it anyway.

Me (groggy): Hello?

Brother: Hey, what were you doing?

Me: Sleeping.

Brother: Oh! Well not anymore, right?

Me: Right. Thank you.

He called to see if I was still coming over for my nephew’s farewell barbecue party before he goes off to college. We chatted about how he got this awesome discount on crab legs and then I was able to hang up and go back to sleep. But once the sleep cycle is disturbed for more than a few minutes, there’s no going back to sleep for me. So I got up, started my pot of coffee and decided I’d call my mom to pretend I was disowning my brother and to also ask if she still wanted to go to a movie. The original plan was to go to The Melting Pot and then to a movie. But things changed and we decided to just stick with the movie and then go to The Melting Pot next weekend.

We had some time before the party, so we went to see “Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” upon my mom’s request. It was the regular version, not the 3D. I thought, “Oh gawd, a kid’s movie – we’ll be confronted with tons of kiddie previews and the movie will be childish.” I was happily surprised. Yes, there were some previews to stupid movies, but once the movie started, we both enjoyed it from beginning to end. What a refreshingly animated movie. It was mixed with jokes kids could understand along with jokes adults could get (there were actually more adults in the theater than kids). Plus, I always love trying to identify the voices. A new character, a forest weasel, was hard to place. After straining my ears a bit, thinking that I’m such a great expert in voice recognition, I thought that Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) did the voice. I was wrong. It was actually the voice of Simon Pegg (who I know from “Shaun of the Dead” and the new “Star Trek” movie). He was hilarious. A crazed and piratey, one-eyed forest weasel and dinosaur hunter that led the pack of two mammoths (one pregnant), one saber-tooth tiger and two sibling possums on their way to find their sloth friend who had been kidnapped by a dinosaur who was just trying to protect her newborns who the sloth had adopted because he thought the eggs had been abandoned. Did you get all that? Well the movie was too cute, that’s all I have to say. And, being me, I actually cried during a certain scene. My mom whispered, “Are you crying??” I whispered while dabbing away my emotions, “Of course I am.” Couldn’t help it. Anyway, I recommend it.

Oh and the party for my nephew was nice – we had crab legs, burgers and hotdogs. My mom made her amazing potato salad and some of us played cornhole in the yard. Never played that before, but it was fun. My brother would make fun of me for not getting the bean bag in the slot, and then he’d try and would miss it as well.

Most of us skipped out on fighting the crowds to go to the fireworks. I went home and later that night I could hear some. I went out on my balcony and could see some fireworks from another town. So I sat down, listened to my MP3 player and watched the show. It was really nice!

Yesterday I decided to walk all the way from my apartment to a walking trail in the next town. I really should’ve waited for my foot to heal a little more, because by the time I was ready to go home, my toe was throbbing and my limp was back. I walked to Walmart on the way home, bought some batteries, a bottle of vitamin water and a turkey-sub (random enough?) and limped home where I could rest my foot and enjoy dinner.

Later that day I watched “Ice Age” and and “Ice Age: The Meltdown” on TV – Never saw the 2nd one, so I was glad I could catch up.

So that’s that! What did you do this weekend?

10 thoughts on “I Vote for More Three-Day Weekends!

  1. I am all for more three day weekends! Yours sounds great. You had a whole Ice Age marathon thing going on. The party for your nephew sounds really nice too…in spite of the wake-up call that went along with it :-)

  2. I only had a two day weekend but it was still good. We took my in-laws out for a meal on Saturday night which was really good. Good food, good fun!
    Your weekend sounds lovely. My daughter and I are definitely going to see Ice Age (the third one at the cinema… ) I’ll not cry though! ;o)
    Crabs legs! Nice!

  3. Spent Saturday hanging out outside because it was actually NOT raining and then Sunday was spent getting a lot of stuff around here done. I’m happy to report my laundry is caught up, my room is clean and organized (though, have to vacuum still) and I finished up my assignments for a class I’m taking for work.

  4. The only thing better than a three day weekend is a four day weekend! Luv taking that extra day off to make the weekend last a little longer–more time to have fun and sleep in!

    Your family gatherings sound great! Mine, not so much :) It’s amazing just how moving and amazing animated movies are–like Finding Nemo and so many others.

    I hope your toe gets better!

  5. I loved the first Ice Age movie, but my girls never really got into that series, unfortunately. Maybe if I had pretended not to like it, they would like it better? I don’t know.

    Your three day weekend sounded beautiful.

  6. I’d be all for three-day weekends if I had a job. Actually, it sounds like a really nice weekend, but you’re right, wait to walk on a formerly broken toe.

  7. Laura B.: It was a nice weekend, and the Ice Age marathon worked out perfectly!

    NoRegrets: Thank you, I hope you did too!

    Daffy: What kind of meal did you have? I think you and your daughter would absolutely love “Ice Age 3”.

    Silver: Wow, you accomplished a lot! I love it when my room is all tidied up and the laundry is done.

    Manuel: E-matic, touchscreen with built-in FM radio. The reviews said the radio doesn’t work very well, but it’s nice and clear for me!

    Eros: Oh Finding Nemo is one of my favorites too. That gets the emotions churning.

    Churlita: I wasn’t that much into the Ice Age movies at first either, but that third one changed my thoughts on that.

    Seb: You need to see it, you’ll love all of the characters, but especially Simon Pegg’s character, Buck. It’s a very quotable movie, too.

    AlienCG: I probably should’ve gone to the doctor for this, but usually they just tape up the toe and send the bill. I survived a broken toe once before, but it wasn’t the pinky and it had a chance to heal.

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