Secure Yourself Day (Change your critical passwords online)

Welcome to July everyone! Let’s celebrate the first holiday on the calendar, suggested by AlienCG over at “Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections”. It is advised that we change our passwords every once in awhile to protect our online stuff, including online identity. If you do online banking or check your investments, it would be a good time to think up another password. I’ve also seen problems on some social sites like Facebook where someone has sabotaged someone’s profile and has posted unsavory links on their page. Someone else hacked into another profile and clicked “like” on random friend postings. That’s more tame, but nevertheless they hacked into an account that was not theirs. Nasty.

Here are a few videos that have something to do with passwords and security. First one is from “Seinfeld” when Kramer tries to guess George’s ATM password, and the second clip is from “Scrubs” when Ted demands privacy while he puts in his computer password. Good stuff, I hope you can view these.

5 thoughts on “Secure Yourself Day (Change your critical passwords online)

  1. Later today, I have a post going up about password security and how to pretty much ensure your security while online. This is a good day to do this, too as it is about the halfway point of the year.

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