July 2009 Is Here!

Okay, the July calendar is ready! Yay! Thank you for the ideas again! You are some of the most cooperative bloggers I have ever known.

JULY 2009!

1. Secure Yourself Day (Change your critical passwords online)
2. Clean Up Your Computer Day
3. Try a New Recipe Day
4. Barbecue Appreciation Day/Independence Day
5. Romancing The Spouse Appreciation Day!
6. Celebrate Nothing Day.. Do Nothing All Day and Celebrate It!
7. Share a Sizzling Summer Memory Day
8. Cool Off Day (Post a photo of your favorite way to cool off)
9. Popsicle Appreciation Day
10. Spot a Vulture in the Sky Day
11. Color Coordinate Your Pajamas Day
12. Buy a Box of Pudding Pops Today (Bill Cosby’s Birthday – 1937)
13. Evil E’s Birthday!
14. Bastille Day (Eat something French–French Fries or French Toast or Crepes)
15. Start a Diary Day
16. Churlita’s Birthday/Dance Around Like a Fun Dork Today
17. Refer to Your Car as “KIT” All Day (David Hasselhoff’s Birthday – 1952)
18. Chrysanthemum Day
19. MPR’s 18th Birthday!
20. 30th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing (Do the moonwalk all day or move like an astronaut on the moon)
21. Double Over with Laughter Day (Two Comedian Birthdays: Jon Lovitz – 1957 and Robin Williams – 1952)
22. Grumble, “I’m too old for this shit” each time someone tells you what to do today (Danny Glover’s birthday – 1947)
23. Birthday of the Ice Cream Cone (Eat an ice cream cone)
24. Individuality Appreciation Day (Celebrate Your Own Personality)
25. Germ Awareness Day
26. Take Control of a Speeding Bus with the Help of Keanu Reeves Today (Sandra Bullock’s Birthday – 1964)
27. Learn to Greet Someone in Another Language Day
28. Comic Strip Appreciation Day
29. Space Out Day (NASA’s Anniversary)
30. Father-In-Law Day
31. Enroll Yourself in Wizard School Today (Harry Potter’s Birthday)


12 thoughts on “July 2009 Is Here!

  1. There’s some awesome sounding days here, Tara – I especially like the 14th (helloooooo crepes!), Danny Glover’s birthday, and comic strip appreciation day!

    (btw – it’s the 40th anniversary of the moon landings!)

  2. Churlita: Thank you! :D

    Laura B: I’m thinking many of us will like celebrating Danny Glover’s birthday.

    Tim: Why thank ya! The Bastille (eat tasty French stuff) idea was Eros’s, and I know that I’ll be using that day as an excuse to eat French fries.

    Oh cool, thank you for letting me know about the moon landing anniversary!

    Babybull: It’s great that two great comedians share the same birthday!

  3. Yay! Luv the calendar! I esp. look forward to the food and many fun activities days–like spot a vulture or Danny Glover’s birthday!

    Good catch on the date, Tim. It is the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing. My math was off; good thing I don’t work at NASA :)

    As for Sandra Bullocks bday, I’ll avoid the bus, because I’ll be useless in that type of Speed crisis–I’ll probably just scream a lot. So instead, I’ll work on my beauty pageant skills and strive to be Mr Congeniality.

    *Places book and head and starts walking and waving*

  4. AlienCG: Yup, good day – fresh start to the month.

    Manuel: Thanks! That line seems to be his trademark so I wanted to use that for his birthday.

    Seb: Of course I added that holiday! And I’m getting my appetite ready for Bastille day.

    K_sra: Hi! Yes, Babybull came up with that one! That will be a nice holiday for the people with spouses. Is that the plural term for spouse? Or is it spice? ;)

  5. Eros: You snuck by in the comments section! Ha – yes, if you don’t feel like taking control of a speeding bus that is armed with a bomb, it’s okay to practice your beauty pageant speech with Michael Caine.

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