Conjunction, Junction, What’s Your Function?

Hey everybody! Time for another belated shot from me for Saturday Scavenger Shots. The word, Function, was chosen by Mr. 3GirlKnight. I immediately got the song from “School House Rock” stuck in my head called “Conjunction, junction, what’s your function?” Hence, the title.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to post – I could’ve taken photos of appliances and stuff and shown how they function. I was vacuuming yesterday with my lovely green and white vacuum cleaner. There’s a self-cleaning feather duster attached to the side, but it hadn’t occurred to me how it could self-clean. I found the lever for it and was just so excited, because all it did was open a latch to the functioning vacuum and the air would suck the dust off of the feather duster. I went around with the duster and took care of all the hard-to-reach corners and crevices in my apartment. Fun (I’m not being sarcastic)!

I had just finished a little Saturday shift at work and wanted to vacuum before my mom came over. So I was still in my work outfit, but I had taken my shoes off. I was rushing around and managed to jam my little toe into a chair leg, stopping me in my tracks if only for a moment. After some choice words and a bit of whimpering, I looked down at my pinky toe (it already had a blister on it from wearing some uncomfy shoes) and it was now larger than its sister toe on the other foot. By the time I was done vacuuming, my foot was throbbing. So I taped up the toe, put on my sandals and my mom and I went shopping at Wal-mart. Later that day I soaked my foot in some icy water and then bandaged the toe up with tape and cotton balls.

Is my toe broken? I don’t know. I’m not in constant pain, it’s just when I lean on that foot a certain way or…touch it. It’s going to be a little challenging to function with this toe (and by functioning I don’t mean things will come to a stand still, it just means it’ll be hard to walk properly – especially when I have to put work shoes on tomorrow – and then I’m supposed to get my new MP3 player this Wednesday and I was planning on going for more walks with the cool gadget), but I will manage and survive.

Here’s mah poor toe -The flip-flops I’m wearing have a picture of the United States in red, white and blue. Patriotic! Don’t be jealous.

Functioning with a Sore Toe

Functioning with a Sore Toe


11 thoughts on “Conjunction, Junction, What’s Your Function?

  1. It’s actually Mr. 3GirlKnight.

    Ouchy, I hate broken toes. I did, at one time, break 3 toes on my right foot (at the same time). This made driving a new and exciting experience, especially when braking.

    I hope the digit gets better, have a nice day.

  2. Yeow. I hope that little piggy heals very soon and you can enjoy your walks. Hard to function well when you’re in pain.
    BTW, what pretty nail polish! Very summery :-)

    And your vacuum sounds supah!

  3. AlienCG: Thank you for catching that, it is all fixed. The name, not the toe.

    Laura B.: I like that nail polish too, thank you! Oh I love my vacuum. Just wish my cat wasn’t so afraid of it. :)

    Silver: Thanks, I hope it does too, I don’t like hobbling along where ever I go.

    Babybull: Yeah, it was the first thing that popped into my head!

    Babybull: Thank you!

    Churlita: Yeah, that’s what I keep hearing – I didn’t go to the doctor because I figured they’d just tape it up and charge me for it. So I taped it up myself. It’s actually better if I leave the tape off, though.

    NoRegrets: Thank you! I rarely paint my nails, but thought it was a good time to show them off.

    Seb: It’s the little one that keeps brushing up against shoes – the one on the edge that I keep hitting.

    Manuel: Ouch, 90 degree angle? Thankfully my toe didn’t go that way, but it did look a little separated from the rest before it swelled up.

    Eros: Thank you for both comments! I hope my toe gets better too, it seems less painful today.

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