I was driving around to find a parking spot at my apartment during my lunch break, and had to stop for a family of geese. However, the goslings in that family have grown to the point that they have the adult feathers. They still look weird, though, because they still have the lighter colored feathers on their face. They’re a smaller version of their parents, for the most part.

So since geese take their sweet old time to cross in front of people, I was very careful steering my car. One of the adult geese looked at my car and hissed at it. I said out loud “Oh yeah, hiss at my car, that’s a good idea.”

I parked and, as I walked toward the door to my building, I noticed that the young geese had already been taught how to hiss. Their beaks were open – didn’t hear them hiss, but that’s what they were doing.

10 thoughts on “Hisss

  1. Babybull: You’re probably right! Should I go up and hug one of them? ;) What’s the worst that could happen?

    Eros: Yeah, they’re lucky they don’t become fine dining.

    Churlita: I know, right? Such whipper snappers.

    AlienCG: They do tend to stop traffic at the most inconvenient time, don’t they? And they just don’t seem to care.

    Laura B. They’re very nervy – and yes a bit stupid.

    Tim: I was hissed at earlier that week – the adult goose seemed like he was forbidding me to walk on the sidewalk.

    Silver: They sure can – they’ll pluck the feathers from their own kind in a fight, too.

    Seb: The moody apples don’t fall far from the moody tree.

    Arthur: Hi there! Long time no blog! But I’m sorry, what was that you were saying about their pleasing song? I couldn’t hear you over their angry honking. ;)

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