A Short Summer Reading List and Food Cravings

Hey everyone, I kind of skipped a few days of blogging, but I think I’m back.

So the other day while looking at the list of holidays, I noticed Laura B’s suggestion for a Summer reading list. Normally, I wouldn’t know what to write because I’m not as big of a reader as I should be. I can go months and months without picking up a book. This time, though, I’ve got two of them! Woot!

– “Bridget Jones’s Diary” – by Helen Fielding (I loved the movie and wanted to check out the book – I love reading the book so far!)

– “The Bad Place” – by Dean Koontz (Haven’t done much with this one yet, but the beginning made me feel anxious, so that’s a good sign. My mom recommended the book to me, she said it was pretty twisted.)

Next topic: I woke up the other day with a craving for French toast. I have not had homemade French toast since I lived at home with my mom. I had the necessary ingredients (except cinnamon, but my mom never used that stuff in her recipe) and went to work on it. I knew it would turn out right when the familiar French toast smell wafted through the air. They tasted great too. Success.

Another topic: A friend and I went to see a movie on Saturday for some comic relief. Instead of going with “The Hangover”, we went to see “Year One”. Erm…..yeah. It was one of those instances where they picked out all the things I thought were funny and put them in the trailer, just to fool me into thinking that this wasn’t a movie that led us from one crass, obnoxious gag to the next. But what should we have expected, it’s a movie about cavemen. Two cavemen buddies (Michael Cera and Jack Black) venture past the mountains to find out that there is life beyond their territory. They go from an Adam and Eve situation (eating an apple from the forbidden tree of knowledge), stumble upon Cane and Able, and…well you get the idea. There were some funny scenes in it, I’ll admit. In fact, this is one of those painfully stupid movies that I’ll buy for emergency situations, when I need to laugh at something stupid. They’ll join the ranks of the rest of my collection, right next to my “Scary Movie” collection. Plus there are outtakes at the end of the movie. Can’t beat that.

And um, I think that’s it for now.


12 thoughts on “A Short Summer Reading List and Food Cravings

  1. Yay for reading! :-) I love Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas books….they are kind of funny. But he can definitely be creepy too. And Bridget Jones’ Diary is so cute.
    Congrats on the successful french toast! What a treat.
    Also, thanks for the review of Year One. As you know, ahem, I love Jack Black. And I’m a Michael Cera fan too…but sounds like a safe one to pass on.

  2. I’m doing some reading this Summer too and enjoying it.

    I thought Year One looked god awful in the trailers, but then again, I also thought Scary Movie and what I have seen of the second one are about as bad as you can get in cinema. To each his own…

  3. My reading list is shorter: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. That’s it.

    I love French toast. I did find the best bread available around here. Michael’s bakery deli Italian. Let it get stale overnight and cook it up.

    Thanks for the movie advice, I figured those were the best parts, after all, it is a Jack Black movie.

  4. I’m glad you got your French toast fix. Today, I was hungry for pancakes, so I made some. And the left overs I had with fried chicken!

    I haven’t read a good book in a while. Lately, though, I have been reading up on art books–the ones with lots of pictures that talk about the artists and their works.

    Stupid movies can be funny! I luv them, esp. if they’re like the Scary Movie ones that make fun of everything!

  5. Grakkki: That’s exactly what I had on it, too. Maple syrup. Delicious!

    Churlita: That’s why I wanted to see it, because of the preview. Like I said, there were still funny moments, but I guess if you like all sorts of humor you might like it more.

    Laura B.: I’ve read a few books from Dean Koontz including “Hideaway” and “Phantoms”, “Phantoms” really creeped me out.

    I like Jack Black too, he can be so cute in other movies, especially “The Holiday” and “School of Rock”. He was funny in this too, though, gotta give him some credit.

    Manuel: What are you reading?

    I’m actually glad I didn’t see any of the Scary Movie movies when they were at the theater.

    AlienCG: What is that book about?

    I like Jack Black, he’s been in some fun movies and he was funny in this, just not hilarious.

    Eros: I have an art book with photos of Georgia O’Keefe’s work. Aside from that, I don’t think to get art books.

    As for the movie, it was just nice to hang out with a friend, pig out on popcorn and candy and then laugh and cringe at a stupid movie.

  6. Love homemade french toast on a sunday morning with bacon.. very yummy.. mouth watering…..

    I am not a fan of Jack Black or the other guy.. It looks like a pretty silly movie.. Usually those kinds of movies have no real substance.. but then again I don’t have a problem watching movies for the pure entertainment value..

  7. Babybull: Oh bacon…I love it, but sadly I didn’t have it on hand.

    3GirlKnight: Hi! Deep fried French toast? That sounds lovely!

    Yeah, I like the imagery in Dean Koont’s stories – I’m right there.

    Seb: Oh no, you’re allergic to those things? I’m sorry. :( Well maybe you could still make it with substitutes. Not the real thing, but it might work.

    Manuel: I’ve grown curious about the movie, I’m sure the book has more detail – how is it so far?

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