I discovered a great website called PodBean, and was just ecstatic about how easy it was to upload my music on there. Unlike Gabcast, I don’t have to call it in. Just upload an MP3 and then it’ll provide you the link for it. No big set ups are required (you do have to register, but that’s free). Here are three songs from our Spring concert. I also created a category on my blog that lists more songs from the SWCCF (Southwest Community Chorus Foundation). Didn’t list them all yet, but that’s more of a sampling.

Anyway, I hope you’re able to listen to these! Thank you so much for your support and stuff!

Mountain Music

There is Sweet Music

You Are the Music in Me


7 thoughts on “Myuuuuzik

  1. Those are pretty great selections. Y’all sound wonderful! And I like how you can hear the audience applause at the end of the songs, because they really, really liked it!

    Great sound! Fantastic choir performance!

  2. AlienCG: I must’ve missed how to upload stuff on Gabcast – gotta look at that site again!

    Suze: Thank you!

    Eros: Thank you so much! Both for listening to the songs and for the compliments! I loved hearing the audience applause too.

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