Before I Can Sleep, I Must Share!

– While getting into my brother’s car once, I slammed some of my hair in the passenger side door, up near the top of the window. We both kind of laughed (he laughed more), because a few strands of my hair were still in the door. Although this happened years ago, I suddenly remembered it tonight while I was trying to fall asleep. Laughed hysterically.

– I was designing the school’s bulletin board earlier today, when one of my coworkers who is also now a student, came up to me and asked me a question. Now it sounded like she asked, “What’s that for?” I told her that it was for the visit from HQ. She looked at me very confused and I sensed that I misheard something in the middle there. I asked, “Wait..What was the question?” She laughed and asked again, “I said, where’s lab 4!” (One of our classrooms) We both giggled and then I pointed her in the right direction.

– Later on, I wanted to put the ladder away (or the maintenance guy would never trust me again). The door to the storage room was locked and I didn’t feel like going all the way back to my office. So I asked another coworker for her keys. Mind you this is all while I’m lugging around a handy but heavy, metal ladder (not the tall kind, just three or for steps). She gave me her keys and I went to what I believed to be the storage room door. The keys did not work. When I told her, she was surprised and told me to try them again because at least one key should work. On my way to the door, I realized I had been trying the wrong door. I was trying to unlock the door to our computer guy’s office. Eek! I told her what happened and we had another good laugh over it. She said, “You’re tired.”


11 thoughts on “Before I Can Sleep, I Must Share!

  1. If I slammed my hair in a car door, I would end up scalped. My hair is too short to get caught anywhere.

    Uh oh, a visit from the stuffed shirts from HQ. Better be good.

    The computer guy’s office, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  2. I am surprised to realize that I can’t remember getting my hair caught in a car door…don’t know how I’ve avoided that.
    hee hee! I love that look that people get when they get a random answer that has nothing to do with their question. When it happens on my end, I am always uncertain whether to repeat my question…or just say, “Hm!” and let it go :-)
    How weird…kind of…our I.T. room is right next to a utility closet too. Is that where those computer villainous scums belong? Stuck back with the mops and ladders? There is a message there…. haha!

  3. hey stranger.. hows it going?.. Good story.. I can’t think of ever getting my hair caught in the car door.. but I did get run over by a hay wagon as a kid.. thankfully my hair was shorter then..

  4. Eros: Glad I could help you laugh! :)

    AlienCG: As long as the shirts from HQ stay out of my way, I’ll be fine.

    Manuel: I certainly don’t recommend it.

    Laura B.: There’s no telling what evil lurks in the computer guy’s office or in the deep corners of the storage room. It could be a horror movie waiting to happen.

    Churlita: I usually give blank looks when people ask me about something related to percentages or anything else to do with math or complex thinking. Not all the time, but usually in the morning.

    Babybull40: You’re back! Yay! Ouch, though, a hay wagon? That must’ve hurt.

    Great to see that new post up!

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