All Work and No Play….

Why hello there! How are you? I’m actually on track this weekend and am posting my Saturday Scavenger Shots on….Saturday! AlienCG chose a fun word this week, “play”. So let’s play, shall we?


Foggy playground

Mr. Toast Ed Cheese

I sometimes play with my food.


Playing at work

The Pitch

Play ball!


6 thoughts on “All Work and No Play….

  1. All of these pictures are great examples of PLAY. I like the smiley face sandwich, it’s quite fun. Good action shot at the baseball game. Since the Indians were playing the Royals, I will bet the Tribe lost.

  2. AlienCG: We didn’t stay for the whole game – can’t remember who won that day.

    Laura B.: I felt like such a rebel making those whiteboard faces. The board was so clean and tempting. Someone else drew the last smiley face there.

    NoRegrets: Thanks! Yup, I didn’t always do that, I got the idea from a movie. Good stuff.

    Eros: Thank you! The food was very delicious. Not like Greek food, I’m sure, but it was good. ;)

    Churlita: Thanks, that smiley face didn’t last long, though – had to eat that sandwich! It was a sacrifice I had to make.

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