Memory Lane is Under Construction

A few weeks ago I could not, for the life of me, remember the guy who plays “Bones” McCoy in the new Star Trek movie. I was trying to describe him to my mom, told her he was in “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” (and I think in the “Return of the King”, too) , the last of the “Bourne” movies and “Ghost Ship”. Those are the ones I remember him in, but I know he’s been in many more movies.

I knew his first name began with a K, but thought it was “Kyle”. I didn’t want to cheat and look it up online, but that puzzle plagued me for a few days. Finally at work, I glanced over at a sheet of paper that had a student’s name on it. Last name, “Urban”. I shouted out loud and to nobody in particular, “Karl Urban!!”

Whew, that was an exhausting ordeal. The next time I talked to my mom I told her that the guy I was talking about was Karl Urban. Her response was, “Oh, okay.” I didn’t have to be psychic to realize she wasn’t very impressed. Hmmph. Oh well, I was relieved that my memory came back.


7 thoughts on “Memory Lane is Under Construction

  1. I luv those ‘Ah ha!’ moments when the answer finally reveals itself! I like Karl Urban, esp since I first saw him in Xena, as Cupid, Caesar, etc…

    I have the same episodes of not being able to access memory for a while. Then I feel so excited and relieved that I finally remembered! Because the important thing is I remembered! It is like an epiphany.

  2. I hate when stuff like this happens to me before I go to bed. Then I end up not being able to sleep because my mind is grinding away trying to figure out the answer.

    You should tell your mom to try to contain her enthusiasm.

  3. Tim: Okay that makes me feel better – but I do that too sometimes. We might be going senile.

    Manuel: I like him too – Yeah I had a feeling my mom wouldn’t be as excited as I was, but then again I’m sure I act the same way when it happens to her. She’s always taught me, though, that if I can’t remember a name than I need to go through the alphabet.

    Laura B: I DID hear angels singing! Weird! ;)

    Eros: I forgot he was in Xena!

    AlienCG: Thankfully that doesn’t usually happen to me before going to bed, but that can be frustrating too. I hate wasting valuable sleep time.

    Churlita: I was tempted to Google it, but wanted to try it on my own. Probably would’ve been solved faster if I had cheated.

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