Random Knowledge

So many different things can run through my head during the day. Random things that have nothing to do with work. This is what happened yesterday…

I started thinking about the scene in “A League of Their Own” where Madonna’s character is teaching a team member how to read by having her read a steamy romance novel. I remembered the scene yesterday and thought, “Was that a Cusack sibling? She looked so familiar.” So I Googled the movie and sure enough my thoughts were correct. In fact, that same Cusack was the mother in “Accepted”.

Also, I noticed in a few movies directed by Gary Marshall, that one girl popped up all the time. She was also in “A League of Their Own”. Turns out she’s Gary Marshall’s niece and the daughter of “Laverne and Shirley”‘s Penny Marshall. I did not know that. Never connected her with anyone, just noticed she was in many films directed by one of those Marshalls.

Just to let you know I did get lots of work done yesterday. Lots of it. But while having trips from my office to the room with the copy machine, those types of thoughts ran through my head. And while they are going through my head, I might as well research them.


8 thoughts on “Random Knowledge

  1. Ah, I luv playing that ‘Recognize that Actor’ game! It’s one of my fave things to do, try to figure out if I’ve seen that actor somewhere before, and chances are, I have seen them before!

    Which makes me wonder if they’re really that talented (how talented do you have to be to play a crackhead?) or there’s a small bunch of actors who get used all the time because of their connections…hmmm.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only person who has random thoughts about old movies and ends up googling them – last week I spent 20 minutes reading up on Flight of the Navigator!

  3. Churlita: I love that movie – still have their song stuck in my head too, every once in awhile – “We are the members of the all American team…”

    Laura B.: That sounds like a fun game!

    Eros: Sometimes I try to recognize the voices on commercials – I think Kevin Spacey does a commercial for a car, Gene Hackman does one for Lowe’s and, I think George Clooney has one out for Michigan.

    Tim: That movie Googling can consume one’s afternoon for sure!

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