Another Potpouri Weekend

Hey all! What did you do this weekend? I didn’t do much, but I’m off today and tomorrow, too. Tonight my nephew graduates from high school! Woot! We go to dinner first and then to the place it all happens.

Yesterday I finally got to see “Rachel Getting Married”. I felt like I wasn’t watching a movie, but rather shoved into first an AA meeting and then to one awkward, stressful family gathering after another. Won’t see that movie again. The acting was great, but it was too depressing.

I bought the movie “Accepted” and it arrived in the mail this weekend. It’s a funny movie about a high school grad who’s been rejected from every college. Out of desperation he creates a fake acceptance letter from a college that doesn’t exist. One thing leads to another, and he and his friends have created the South Harmon Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T.). There are some great moments in the movie including the soundtrack. I love all of the characters, too (except, of course the Dean of the authentic college and his gang of frat boys that knows something is up and wants to tear down South Harmon to make room for a more dramatic entrance to his college). The students also create their own curriculum. One student just wanted to learn to blow stuff up with his mind, so that’s what he focused on. Just a funny, don’t-have-to-think-too-much movie for a weekend.

Did some cleaning this weekend (the bathroom is extra shiny), helped my mom hang a cupboard and that was pretty much the bulk of my weekend. I got to sleep in, too. I will try to take some photos of graduation and post them up soon too.

Red, Church Doors

Here are the bright, cheerful doors of the Methodist church in Berea.


10 thoughts on “Another Potpouri Weekend

  1. Congratulations to your nephew. I almost remember high school graduation. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

    I’d thank you for letting me know about “Rachael Getting Married,” but I wasn’t planning on seeing it anyway.

    The word for this week, as chosen by me, is PLAY.

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend Tara. I am taking an extra day off this week, too, for my kids’ last day of school.

    I liked Rachel getting married, but I think it is one of those movies that is not for everyone. I thought Accepted was funny too. :-)

    Enjoy your nephew’s graduation!

  3. Even though you say that Rachel Getting Married is depressing, I still want to see it. Accepted I could have probably gone without, but once in awhile its nice to just sit and watch a movie and turn your brain off for a few hours.

  4. Congratulations to your nephew! Ah, such a magical time! Full of hope and possibilities and dreams!

    I hope you enjoy the dinner and have a great time off!

    Those are some really fantastic, cheerful looking doors. So much more welcoming than some of the really depressing, serious, ominous dark looking doors in some churches.

  5. AlienCG: “Play” is gonna be a fun word. I loved my high school graduation. Got to sit next to Ksra and either chit-chat or giggle.

    Tim: I definitely recommend “Accepted. Made me laugh.

    Laura B.: Ah, the last day of school. Sounds so nice, I remember the excitement of all that. My nephew vowed yesterday that he was going to get to sleep in finally.

    Silver: I hope you like the movie more than I did when you decide to watch it.

    Manuel: There are other scenes where nothing is moving fast enough for me. One scene involves two guys having a race to see who can store the dishes in the dishwasher faster. Just when I think there isn’t a point to it, they slam us with something depressing again.

    Churlita: I remember you warning me about how some people like the movie, some people don’t. I really thought I’d like it. Oh well.

    Eroswings: He’s going into college next month! It’s all happening so fast. Thanks, so far I am really enjoying my time off. I’m going to the bookstore this afternoon, too.

    And thanks about the doors – I love that church, it is so pretty.

  6. Accepted sounds like great fun! reminds of this ad I hear on the radio, the catch phrase is something like “You can’t dream your way into college,” after a guy dreams he is getting scholarships and college acceptances without having lifted a finger…

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