“I need a sign, to let me know you’re here…”

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope the weekend is treating you well and that you’re frollicking in beautiful, sunny weather….Or depending on your time zone, you might be frollicking in a beautiful, starry night weather. Either way, I hope you’re happy and frollicking. I’ll say frollicking one more time.

Anyway, yes I’m late again, but I have some signs to show you. Why signs? Because “sign” is this week’s word chosen by Churlita!

Rocky Road

Rocky Road

This sign is pointing out something very obvious.

Gentle Cleaning

Gentle Cleaning

This shot was taken in either Key West, Florida or the Bahamas, but I liked the picture of the cats (of course), especially the little one painted on the side of the building.

Topless Deck

Topless Deck

Posting a photo of a sign for a topless deck on a Sunday? Shameful. This was on the cruise that some of my friends and I went on in 2004. We didn’t realize there was such a deck on the ship, but by the time we realized it, they had closed it off due to high winds that day.

Do Not Feed the Evil, Hissy Geese

Do Not Feed the Evil, Hissy Geese

Finally, this is my favorite sign. The apartment’s management posted this sign up in our mail room, urging residents to not feed the geese. People throw bread over the balconies and the geese just flock (no pun intended) to that area. Of course the geese hang around more often and get territorial and moody.

The sign was normal for a long time, but I just noticed yesterday that someone else had come in with a pen and drew devil horns on the goose and quoted one by writing, “Hisssss”. I thought it was hilarious and had to take a picture of it.

Anyway, those are my photos! I hope to check out your blogs later on today, but I’ve got some stuff I need to do first. Until then, have an excellent weekend!


6 thoughts on ““I need a sign, to let me know you’re here…”

  1. Excellent photos. Road Closed, common in Cleveland. Gentle Cleaners? I’m assuming they wouldn’t get much business with a name like, Rough Cleaners. The cruise line was afraid things would be flapping in the winds? Yes, I’ve experienced the evil, hissy geese.

  2. I luv the fotos! The geese warning is hilarious. For a second there, I thought Gentle Cleaners was a pet grooming business, not a dry cleaners.

    I also went on a cruise and that first day exploring, I, too,was shocked at having discovered the topless deck! Thank goodness I was dressed for it ;)

  3. AlienCG: Thanks! Yeah the fact they closed the topless deck because of high winds made me laugh.

    Eros: You’d think that place was made for pets, wouldn’t you? The owner must really like cats. I hope to go on another cruise again with my friends. That was fun.

    NoRegrets: No problem, yeah, you can miss seeing that little cat on the side. I probably didn’t notice it until after I took the photo.

    Laura B.: I loved that evil goose sign.

    Churlita: I am too – not sure I’d want to venture up there.

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