Belated June

Better late than never, here is the June 2009 calendar list of eclectic holidays! Thank you, Laura B., for suggesting some holidays! If anyone else wants to add a few, let me know!


Here’s a free-standing gate in front of a little house in Berea, Ohio. Couldn’t pass that up without taking a photo.

JUNE 2009!!

1. Brand New Week Appreciation Day
2. Commit to More Sleep Day
3. Rainbow Appreciation Day
4. Self Affirmation Day (“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and….dog gone it! People like me!”)
5. Apartment Dwellers Appreciation Day (What Do You Like About Your Apartment?)
6. Ice Cream Appreciation Day
7. Full Moon Day
8. Tara’s Nephew Graduates from High School!
9. List and Discuss Your Top Five Favorite Restaurants
10. Change Your Daily Routine Today
11. Drink Water Till You’re Sick of it Day
12. Dia dos Namorados (Valentine’s Day in Brazil)
13. House Dweller Appreciation Day (What Do You Like About Your House?)
14. List and Discuss Your Top Ten Favorite Movie Quotes
15. 80s Music Appreciation Day
16. UNICEF Appreciation Day
17. Iceland’s Independence Day
18. Social Animal’s 20th
19. Anger Control Day
20. Vinegar Day
21. Father’s Day
22. Join Your Local Summer Reading Program
23. Appreciate Your Swimsuit Body…Ready or Not
24. Desert Snake Appreciation Day (Celebrate Safely and Responsibly)
25. Listen to a Different Radio Station on Your Way to Work or Other Destination Day
26. Waffle Appreciation Day
27. Stop Fidgetting Today
28. Log Cabin Day
29. List and Discuss Your Top 15 Favorite Things That Make You Happy
30. Facebook Appreciation Day


14 thoughts on “Belated June

  1. Great job on the calendar! I luv trying out some of the suggested activities, particularly when it involves food :) But those are some great creative ideas for those days when you just can’t think of anything fun to do–luv the 80s music appreciation day; I’m going to start digging up some good tunes and break out the old 80s dance moves.

  2. Laura B.: Thanks for the holidays you told me about! :)

    Churlita: Yeah the ice cream one should really be every day.

    Suze: I’m working on the swimsuit one too – slowly but surely. :)

    Manuel: Thank you, Manuel!

    Eros: Sounds like you have a fun idea there with busting out the 80s dance tunes on that day! I sense that “The Robot” will be part of those moves. :D

  3. Well, I won’t be celebrating tomorrow’s holiday, but I see mine coming up on the 13th. Also, I have some 80’s music, maybe I’ll share some of that.

  4. As it’s apt dwellers appreciation day, I’d like to say I like my apt’s location and maintenance people. I’m close to all the places I like and the staff is friendly and courteous. Also, I like having someone come fix stuff when it’s broken and do the landscaping for me. I almost feel like royalty :)

  5. Free standing gates with no walls crack me up. I would be appreciative of finding a collection (or creating one myself) of gates that “guard” walkways with no walls to back them up.

    How dumb would an intruder have to be to walk up to a walless gate and say, “Aw shucks. Guess I can’t get into this property.” ?

    p.s. I appreciate ice cream… a lot. But I think it’s the pregnancy talking. :P

  6. Dmarks: Thanks! Have fun with this list! I hope you do get to participate more!

    Tim: Oh yeah, waffle appreciation day? I hope to honor that one too.

    AlienCG: You should share some 80s music!

    Eros: Your apartment pros sound so much like mine. Gotta love the maintenance people. For the most part they have been extremely helpful since I’ve been here.

    K_sra: I’d prefer a dumb intruder who is confused by weird gates over a regular or intelligent intruder who knows all the tricks. The dumb intruders who are easily fooled are the ones who wind up on the show “Cops”. ;)

    Pregnant or not, ice cream is a good holiday to celebrate.

  7. You can sign me up for commit to more sleep day and desert snake appreciation! We have a king snake roaming about our yard, he eats the rattlers and scorpions. I like him.

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