Concerto Details, Ideas for June, and a Tag

Yikes, I haven’t posted anything all weekend or yesterday! A few key points need to be dealt with first.

First, I tag Churlita to be the next word chooser for Saturday Scavenger Shots! You are it, Churlita! Make us proud!

Second, it dawned on me yesterday that I never asked for June ideas for the next calendar, so June has not been created yet. I will try to work on it tonight or tomorrow, so if you have any ideas for June holidays let me know and I’ll post em!

Finally, I also did not post photos for the word “rambunctious”. I felt like most of my weekend was rambunctious, so that brings me to my choir concert….

It went so freaking well! I think our director was very happy with us. Even the challenging songs were all hammered out by that time. The song “You are the Music in Me” was welcomed by some youngsters in the audience who know the movie. Our director told the audience about how he and a few others in the choir were the only ones who were familiar with the “High School Musical” movies. I was familiar with them, I just didn’t care. Well some little kids up in the balcony raised their hands enthusiastically and a girl said, “Oo, I know it!” I think that added enthusiasm helped us sing that song for them.

We also got some happy clapping and “woo hoos” from the audience after we sang “Mountain Music” (he had the audience clap to the music, too) and “Friends in Low Places”. Good times, people, good times.

I noticed some changes this time around. First off, and this was way back when we started rehearsing again for this concert, our director finally discussed the last concert we had. Usually he doesn’t, he just moves on, so we don’t know what he really thought about it. Someone must’ve told him to mention it, because he did tell us that he was very pleased and we sounded great. Then after Sunday’s concert, he didn’t vanish like he usually does (it’s like he’s Batman). Instead, he stayed by the door leading to the backstage and greeted each one of us as we walked by with either a hug or a pat on the back. I thought that was really nice, actually.

After the concert my mom and I went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Good food, and a sunny, warm afternoon. I felt a little sad that it was all over and we wouldn’t begin practicing again until September (unless we do the July concert), but it’s also a nice break.

On Saturday, after dress rehearsal, I took some photos of the Baldwin-Wallace College campus and other stuff. Here’s a photo:

Stairs Leading Up to Campus

After I took this shot I glanced over and saw that the Cackler was looking at me. I told her I was just taking some photos.

“Oh okay, I was wondering why you were taking a picture of stairs (*cackle*)!

“From where I’m standing it looks really cool, because it leads up to the building across the street,” I tried to reason.

Still not quite getting the whole thing, she says, “Ooookay….”

In my last attempt, I said, “It’s where I used to go to college.” Oh well. I know it sounds crazy and stuff, but I’ll miss her rambunctious personality until the next time we meet. We were actually chit-chatting before the concert and it was a pleasant conversation.

Anyway, I am very happy that our concert went well, and if any of you are interested in hearing a little, the CDs should be mailed out to us during the Summer. Once I get mine I will put a song or two up here.

Also, I took lots of photos on Saturday, but I won’t bombard you with all of them at once. Here are a few more, though, before I end this very long blog post.

Kulas Musical Arts Building

Here is the building where our concert was held, at the Kulas Musical Arts Building. It’s part of Baldwin-Wallace College.

Lindsay Crossman Chapel

Here is the Lindsay Crossman Chapel, located on Front Street, next to Marting Hall on the BW campus.

Violet Blossoms Up Close

Finally (for today), this is a close-up shot of some beautiful flowers located in front of the United Methodist Church of Berea, where we usually have choir practice. I’ve been meaning to take photos of this church for awhile now, and finally got to it.

13 thoughts on “Concerto Details, Ideas for June, and a Tag

  1. I like your photos! Ah, best to ignore comments such as the ones she gave you. You don’t have to explain yourself.

    Thanks for trying the tea, and so sorry it’s useless… Darn, I should have just composted it. Oh well.

  2. Wow, it sounds like your concert couldn’t have gone any better! I would love to hear a song or two if you get a chance to post them. I also think it is nice that your choir director gave you some positive feedback. It’s important to get that, not only from your audience, but from the person who sort of lead you all on this journey.
    Thanks for the beautiful photos. They are all great shots :-)
    And I can’t wait to see Churlita’s choice!

  3. Oh, PS – I have a couple of June idears :-)

    June 18th is Social Animal’s 20th

    Maybe a June Full Moon Day (7th)

    Appreciate Your Swimsuit Body…Ready or Not

    Join Your Local Summer Reading Program!

  4. NoRegrets: Do you think the tea would be good mulch for a tomato plant?

    AlienCG: Thank you, yes I did!

    Churlita: Thank you – I was glad the sun was out that day, it was a perfect time for photo taking!

    Laura B.: I’m glad he gave us positive feedback too. He also gives us feedback after every song we sing at the concert by mouthing, “Nice job!”

    Tim: Yeah, I wonder if maybe she gets some kind of physical signal that someone across the sea hates her. Like when they say if your ears are burning it must mean someone’s talking about you.

    Laura B.: Excellent! Thank you for these, I put them in the June calendar!

    Manuel: Thank you! I’m glad it went well too!

  5. Silver: Thanks! I did have a great time. I’m anxious for the CD to arrive.

    Eros: Thank you! It was a crazy weekend for sure. Now I have my nephews graduation ceremony to look forward to, and then in July a small group of our choir is going to sing with the community band! Yay!

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