National Hamburger Day

Celebrate National Hamburger Day by ordering or making yourself a huge, juicy burger with all the fixins. According to Wikipedia, the first American hamburger may have been invented by a guy named Louis Lassen. He “sandwiched a pattie between two pieces of white toast for a busy office worker in 1900”. The burgers were then flame broiled in the “original 1898 Bridge & Beach vertical cast iron gas stoves using locally patented steel wire gridirons to hold the hamburgers in place during cooking”. So thank you very, very much, Louis Lassen.

Hamburger and Accessories

Hamburger and Accessories


10 thoughts on “National Hamburger Day

  1. Seb: I’ve rarely ever said, “No thanks, I don’t want a hamburger.” It’s heavenly food.

    Churlita: Yeah – Manuel, where are you? He should have a tasty burger for his birthday – or a birthday cake in the shape of a burger.

    Laura B.: This is definitely a holiday worth celebrating properly, yes. Deck the burger with favorite fixings, fah la la la la la la la la…

    Tim: As song as the spirits there, then that works too! You could always have a belated holiday celebration and eat a burger tomorrow. It will be Friday, afterall.

  2. I had a cheese burger yesterday. I rarely eat red meat when I go out (or in general) but yesterday I just had a craving for a cheeseburger.

  3. Eros: That’s nice of you to think about the burger like that. :) Fries are a burger’s best friend.

    FW: Yay, good job with the celebration! That sounds like such a great meal. And a day off of work too was the perfect bonus.

    Silver: Oh, I love cheeseburgers.

    Manuel: I have no idea, it was like it was made for a burger enthusiast like you!

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