Honesty…Yeeeah, not always the best policy.

I haven’t talked about the Cackler recently because she’s been pretty subdued. Even her laughter was less abrasive.

Tonight she was back in action – loud, prolonged and sharp cackles and playing the choir director’s assistant. We were practicing a song that has lots of words ending in “s”. We have to be careful about how we end that word or we’ll sound like a bunch of snakes. Our director taught us a few times how to do this well. Some still don’t quite get the hang of it, but if there’s a problem our director will handle it. He’s our director, I trust him.

At the end of the song, the Cackler announced, “I’m hearing a lot of “S”s all around me in the Soprano section! Particularly page 4, measure 10! Can we go through that again?” He listened to her and we went through it again. It is normal for people to ask our director to review a section of a song in order to perfect it, but Cackler grated my nerves. She’s always assisting, it seems. Ugh, oh well.

On the way down the aisle on my way out, a lady who sits next to the Cackler complimented on a shirt I had on. I thanked her, but there was a lull in conversation and for some reason I thought I had to continue the conversation. I said, “Thanks, I just bought it the other day…” And I’m positive my ears weren’t deceiving me, but I heard her snicker and say, “Nobody cares, Tara.”

Hmm…Um, okay I guess that’s true and I probably didn’t need to point out it was a new shirt. I said goodnight to her and we went our separate ways. Thankfully I don’t have to have much to do with her, if any. I don’t want to get into a rumble in choir, but then again that might make for a very interesting post!

A Fight Cloud (Sims Style)

A Fight Cloud (Sims Style)

17 thoughts on “Honesty…Yeeeah, not always the best policy.

  1. Oh. My. Gawd. Just when I think I’ve heard it all, that Cackler turns out to be even more obnoxious than I could have imagined!
    She needs to have her know-it-all, annoying ass handed to her one of these days. It probably won’t be you that does it. I know it wouldn’t be me if I were in that situation…but it will happen one day. I predict.

  2. I don’t like the Cackler. You were making small talk with somebody else that was none of her business, and she felt compelled to butt in with an unnecessary comment? RUDE. She needs to be kicked to the curb ASAP!

  3. Laura B.: I dream of scenes of our director losing it and going all ballistic on her.

    Churlita: The Cackler didn’t make that comment towards me, it was the lady who complimented my shirt in the first place. Not sure who’s more annoying, though.

    NoRegrets: It would definitely be something to see, wouldn’t it?

    Tim: The Cackler didn’t have anything to do with the comment about my shirt, it was the lady who sits next to the Cackler who first said she liked my shirt and then said that other comment. It was a bit of a shock to me. I think this lady is the kind of person who thinks she’s being funny by being blunt, but she’s really being rude. But as for the Cackler, I don’t care for her either.

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