Chicken and Pancakes

Sooooo?! How was the weekend for everyone?

This weekend was the kind where everything went smoothly. I was able to leave work at noon on Friday because I had to work on Saturday. I’ve been meaning to look for some frames for a few photos I had enlarged, but not many stores have that specific size. So before I could get too lazy, I drove to the craft store. They have a smaller shop next door that sells all art supplies, including frames. After looking for a bit, I finally came across some affordable frames with the exact measurement I wanted. So I picked up a few and then also bought a few wooden frames that were a little off with measurements, but I knew I could always trim off some of my photos.

Once I was done there, I thought I’d head over to Borders and see if they had “The Skeleton Key” on DVD. I have been on a little mission to find that movie – Yes there were plenty other places I could’ve looked, but the shops I did look in did not supply it. I looked for the DVD at Borders – looked in the Horror section since it’s a supernatural kind of movie. Not there. Dang it! Then something told me to look in the Drama section. To my amazement and glee, there it was – one copy, all for me. I picked it up as if it was made of gold. Also picked up the movie “The Prince of Tides”. Always liked that movie – very sad and crazy, but it has an interesting story. Then I started to browse some other sections and came across a workout DVD that teaches you Indian dancing Bollywood style. I picked that up too. All satisfied and excited about sitting down with junk food and watching some movies, I headed home (after paying for the stuff, of course).

When I got home I realized I had to pick up a 2009 season pool pass from the apartment’s leasing office. Did that and, since it was so sunny and toasty outside I dropped off my stuff, geared up with my swimsuit, a book and a few towels (one I used for a pillow because I don’t want to lie face down on a lawn chair and have stripes across my face, mm kay?) and my keys. Got some sun but missed some commotion in the parking lot. Someone was getting arrested and from overhearing the lady next to me, the guy who was getting arrested had apparently been in a fight in a basketball court last night. Drama! Anyway, after a little bit I decided to slip into the pool and swim around for awhile. Very nice. I was hungry, though, so decided to get out and head back to my building.

I did not have a movie night right away, though. I think there were some movies on TV that I wound up watching. Couldn’t stay up too late, I had to work the next day. That went really quick and it was fairly quiet since it was the last day of school before a two-week break. It’s the last day completely for the ones who will be graduating, so a few of them stopped by my office to pick up their caps and gowns.

Once I got home and cleaned up a bit, I was ready for my movie night. I watched “Prince of Tides” in the afternoon and then watched “Skeleton Key” at night. In between those movies I tried out my Bollywood workout DVD. That seriously gets the heart pumping. I like it. The movie night was a complete success. The transformation from sleepy and a little jaded employee to a relaxed and content apartment dweller was complete.

Anyway, my mom and I went shopping on Sunday. The luck I had on Friday was carried into that day as well. We both found some really nice stuff. A few things had to be taken back later, but we were still happy with most of the stuff we bought. I have been more daring and less insecure about buying sleeveless dresses and tank tops. If you remember how I wrote about how self conscious I can be about my upper arms, you would be very proud to know that I picked out and bought a sleeveless dress. It is a sort of abstract, yellow flower design with streaks of black and gray in there as well. It’s very pretty and Summery and it fits well. Now I need to buy some shoes and maybe a yellow, silk scarf for an accent. Accessorize!

Today’s plans were moved around and changed a bit, but it still resulted in a nice day. We went to see the local Memorial Day parade which included my nephew’s high school band. It was a quick parade which ended just down the street. Then it was time for a really nice Memorial Day ceremony. My nephew played Taps with another fellow trumpet player and then a woman sang, “God Bless the USA”. Made my mom cry, and it’s been awhile since something like that has brought her to tears. Usually I’m the one. Can’t deny it, though, my eyes were getting all blurry and I was one more patriotic song away from crying right along with her. If they had played “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” I would’ve lost it. It was bad enough they followed up “Taps” with a lone bagpipe playing “Amazing Grace”. I’m surprised that didn’t grab me.

After the ceremony we went to Perkins and ate some breakfast. I love that restaurant because we can order pancakes and sausage any time of the day. I ordered a huge breakfast meal complete with three pancakes, some sausage links and a patty, a pile of scrambled eggs, two strips of bacon and two pieces of smoked sausage. Those were not add-ons, people, that was the entire meal. Blerg, I felt like such a slothy, gluttonous pig. But it’s a holiday! I was hungry, I ate almost everything. I vowed I wouldn’t eat another fattening thing for the rest of the day, and I’ve stuck to that vow.

Went back to my mom’s place for a cup of coffee and then finally headed home where I took a quick nap, then took a shower and now I’m telling you all about my weekend. We have a four-day week, but here is a little time line of what is gonna be happening:

– Saturday: Dress rehearsal for choir concert
– Sunday: Concert (Did I mention I’m in a choir and we’re having a concert? Wasn’t sure I mentioned it enough or too much)
– That following week on Thursday (June 4th): Our school’s June graduation ceremony
– Monday June 8th: I have a day off, my nephew graduates
– Tuesday June 9th: Nuthin. I have another day off. Woot!

Band Member

My nephew is the one in the middle, hunched over just a bit. Probably ready to pick up the trumpet again.

Beautiful Horse

Here’s a photo of a really pretty horse that appeared in the parade. There were a few other beautiful horses trotting around too. I noticed later on that the person who lived in the nearby townhouse had the nerve to hang a Yale banner in their window when they are near my college, Baldwin-Wallace. Sheesh. Out they go, they need to be evicted.

Civil War Dudes with Guns

On our way, we heard some sharp banging noises. They were coming from the small group of Civil War buffs providing tribute to the flag by firing off their guns during a cool ceremony.


13 thoughts on “Chicken and Pancakes

  1. Blimey – you had a busy weekend, and busy times ahead too!!

    It’s great when you’re looking for something in a shop and you don’t expect to find it, but then you do, isn’t it? I remember an instance a few years back with a book I’d been looking for for ages. After so long looking for it my expectations of actually finding it were low – but then I went into a bookshop I’d looked in loads of times before and there it was! There was some sort of karmic thing going on, I think!

    Glad you enjoyed your movies – and that breakfast!!

  2. Tim: Rereading my post makes me a bit exhausted – I did spill it all out there, didn’t I? The busy times ahead will be fun, for the most part.

    I love the story of your finally finding the book you were looking searching for all that time! I know what you mean about expectations running low, mine were like that too when searching for that movie. I had a similar experience with a book that I had actually lost. I went to find it again at the store and there was that one copy left.

  3. Aw, what a great post, Tara! My weekend was so useless that I loved reading about your very lively and interesting one :-)

    I’m really looking forward to hearing about your concert next Sunday. Also, I think that Bollywood workout sounds like great fun.

  4. You did have a great week! And you’ve more fun stuff coming up. I”m so glad you enjoyed the Memorial Day ceremonies; they are so important. I enjoyed reading this post, and in a few days when I make the long drive home, I’ve got so much to catch up on. Hope you’re doing great!

  5. Have you ever read the book “The Prince of Tides”? It’s really good, it’s by Pat Conroy (who has a lot of really awesome books by the way). If you’re ever in the mood for something to read, give it a try. It’s even better than the movie.

    Oh, and I totally love Perkin’s. My friend and I are apparently well known there. lol

  6. Churlita: I’ll trade you a DVD watching day for one of your karaoke and dancing nights!

    Laura B.: Thanks it took me awhile to get that all out in the open! It was definitely a busy, successful weekend. I will definitely post very soon about our concert!

    Eros: Hi! Hope you’re having an amazing time! Have a safe trip home, too!

    Suze: Naps are very nice – especially when the mind decides you can’t do anything else until you have a nap. That was me a few times this weekend.

    Silver: No, but my mom read it and she really liked the book. I’l have to check it out, I’ve heard it’s better than the movie.

    You and your friend are well known at Perkins, eh? Hmm…Interesting! :D

    Manuel: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Skeleton Key. Not a huge fan of Kate Hudson, but when I caught the movie on TV awhile back, some scenes gave me the creeps and then I kept thinking about the movie days later.

  7. What busy times! I am exhausted reading through it all too but very happy that you were able to write it all out. Perkins sounds like my kind of restaurant, I’m hankering to come to America just to try the place out!

  8. Seb: I haven’t actually seen an entire Bollywood movie, so unfortunately I can’t think of one to recommend. I have seen how they dance, though, and it is a great workout!

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