“Isn’t it Bliss? Don’t You Approve?”

We have one more regular choir practice next week before we have dress rehearsal next Saturday. I always get excited at this point in time. Finally our hard work pays off and on May 31st, not only will it officially be my 7th year of working at the same place (twitch, twitch, hallucination), but our 2009 Spring Concert will begin at 3pm EST. No blizzards are expected (or invited). Plus, we’ll be in the same hall we were in during our Winter concert, which has better ventilation and air circulation. Our poor director must’ve lost 8lbs when he directed us in the church last year. No air conditioning, just small fans. Not enough. Oh and hopefully no broken bones like we had last Christmas.

Okay, so here is what our main choir is singing:

– “Come to the Music” (cuz the concert theme is “Come to the Music”, see?)
– “There is Sweet Music Here”
– “And the Night Shall Be Filled with Music” (Dang, but I hate this song)
– “Mountain Music” (I love this song. – I told the girl next to me, who happens to be our choir’s secretary or some deal like that, that we should all be able to wear cowboy hats during this song, since it is country. A guy in the first row thought it was a good idea too. No such luck. White top, black skirts or pants as usual. Yawn. I mean c’mon, we all shout “Yeow!” at the end, how convincing is it gonna be when we look all pristine?)
– “Send in the Clowns” (When I was little I thought the lyrics were: “Send in the Clouds”. Now when I listen to the actual lyrics, I can sense some sad sarcasm, but I still like the song. It has come together quite well for us, too. The guys just need to get the beat right in the beginning without rushing it.
– “O Music” (oh music. tsk.)
– “You Are the Music in Me” (Oy vey – not that we won’t do our best to sing this god forsaken song, but it has been a chore)
– “The Music’s Always There with You” (I like this one)

Then there are songs from our breakout group called the Chamber Choir, and then back to the whole group singing:

“Friends” and then,

“Friends in Low Places” (I never thought I’d like a song sung by Bolo tie wearin’ Garth Brooks, but this one was fun – it starts as an awesome solo – the guy in our choir does the country music voice cracks and just sounds amazing. I heard he was the only one who was permitted to wear a cowboy hat. (sigh)…I guess it’ll have to do).

And that’s it, but I didn’t include the songs the smaller chorus is singing. It’ll be a good group of songs, for sure. I’m psyched. I feel like I’ve been studying for a test since mid January and I’m wiped out. Psyched and excited, but wiped out. Let’s do this already, right? Actually, I hope most of us can meet up for that Summer concert, too!

Oh here are two other things:

One of my nephews, C, will be playing “Taps” on trumpet with a friend of his pretty soon. My mom and I are anxious to hear it, but we both know it’ll make us cry.

Also, that same nephew will be graduating next month from high school. Then he’ll be off to an art school in another state. Yikes, where has time gone. Seems like only yesterday that same kid was turning red from the 2-year-old tantrums he was throwing in the middle of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Now he’s 18 and is as stable as a teenager can possibly be at that age, has an idea of what he wants to do with his artistic talent, and has survived the sense of humor our families have thrown at him. He’ll kick ass, that’s my assumption. Should I tell him that it took me a few years in college before I could focus and get my grades in order? Or that college tests are a little different than high school tests and that the first time I got an “F” on a test in college, I called up my mom (who lived less than 2 miles away) to cry about it in the corner of the college Union? Should I?….Nah, I’ll let him wait to experience those magical moments himself and then he can call his aunt and vent it out. Tough love.

6 thoughts on ““Isn’t it Bliss? Don’t You Approve?”

  1. There’s someplace that has had volunteers to play taps on a real trumpet because they were just playing it from a recording, and it was considered a bit insulting to the memories of those who served.

  2. I imagine you guys are more than ready to perform for the peoples at this point :-) It sounds like such a good time, I’d totally come see you if it weren’t a cross country trip!

    I’m so happy I don’t have any graduations this year.

  3. Good luck on your concert Tara. I never thought “Friends in Low Places” was meant as a choir song but if you pull it off, it will give me hopes for one day hearing the best of Led Zeppelin at a choir concert.

  4. NoRegrets: I guess he’s playing trumpet at a local cemetery.

    Churlita: Thanks, I’m sure I will – starting with the excitement of dress rehearsal on Saturday!

    Laura B. Aw, I’d love you to come, but yeah it would be a bit of a hike for one concert!

    Kerry: Hey there! Thank you, yeah I never thought a song about whiskey and beer would make its way into our song list, but there ya go. I think our Christmas selection will include songs from Guns & Roses and Metallica.

    Seb: Thank you, it will be fun! Yeah, I think my nephew is pretty psyched about starting art school.

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