Belated Birthday Wishes

I know I’ve been seriously, seriously slacking on making virtual birthday cakes and posting birthday wishes for all of you lately. I just haven’t been referring to my eclectic calendars as much, and when I don’t refer to them, I tend to forget. I am sorry.

So in order make amends, here are some belated birthdays to celebrate:

Here’s what I know, but if I forgot someone please let me know:

– May 3rd was Babybull’s Birthday! Yay #1!

– I know that it was (or is, May is not over yet) Abroad’s dad’s birthday sometime in May (don’t know the exact day)! Yay #2!

– I believe that on May 12th, or thereabouts, was Manuel’s Jess’s Birthday! Yay #3!

– May 15th was Churlita’s Coadster’s Birthday! Yay #4!

– And Laura B’s guy, Handsome Lad, turns 12 on May 20th! Yay #5!

Again, that’s what I do know. PLEASE let me know if I skipped someone and I will make a cake ASAP. And by ASAP I mean sometime today!

Oh and to all of you birthday peeps: Happy (Belated) Birthday to You, Happy (Belated) Birthday to You! Happy (Belated) BIRTHDAY Dear Everybody I’ve listed, Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUU!


4 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Wishes

  1. Well you said you would list all the birthdays you missed.. you are ery fastidious…lol.. thanks..sorry I’e been busy a bee here..hope to be back soon…

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