“Wish it was Sunday, Cuz That’s My Fun Day”

Today was Monday. All day. As I pulled into the lot at work, I noticed that the FedEx truck was also pulling up. The guy had an armful of packages, so I helped him hold those first set of doors open. Then I told him I’d get the next set of doors.

The next few moments are a bit of a blur, I wish someone had it on camera. As I went to open the door for him, my shoe slipped on the carpet and I toppled dramatically to the floor. I don’t even know how I did it, really. But I landed hard on my knees, both bruising and burning them, and still couldn’t help but stumble more, if that’s even possible. So if you are taking the journey with me and can envision it, I was a crumpled heap of administrative mess right at the feet of the delivery guy. He couldn’t help me much, his arms were still holding packages. Usually I shake off the pain and say I’m okay. This time as I arose from the carpet like a clumsy phoenix, I mumbled, “That hurt like hell.” He finally asked, “Are you okay?” I said I was, but was still shaking off the stinging sensation in my kneecaps.

I was grateful nobody else saw my performance, but I didn’t want to make eye contact with the delivery guy. As he went one way, I went into the ladies room and checked out my knees. They were rug burned and throbbing. I also noticed, though, that not all of the lights were on in the room, even though the switch was on. Which brings me to the next part of the day.

Due to some power outage problems, we were sent home at around 9:30am! I was surprised by this decision, because the directors we’ve had in the past have waited much longer to make that move. Usually we’d have to wait for the blizzard of all blizzards to hit us hard. Anyway, it was a nice surprise! I went home, then went to my mom’s place to help her with some stuff and then we went out for lunch. It was a really nice afternoon!


10 thoughts on ““Wish it was Sunday, Cuz That’s My Fun Day”

  1. Due to your excellent description, I can totally picture your journey from upright to…not. I swear I only giggled a tiny bit, mostly I felt that stinging knee pain.

    You are so lucky you got to go home! They never let us leave here until darkness falls, no matter how long our power is down. Quite cruel.

  2. Seb: Thanks, yes they are feeling better. It turned out to be a really exciting, fun day!

    Silver: I know, I was really surprised!

    Laura B.: It’s okay to giggle, it gave me a laugh on and off for the rest of the day!

    Churlita: Yeah, it was a sign that I needed to take the day off and enjoy the beautiful weather! Even better, since most of us were scheduled to be in that day, we are going to get paid for it.

    NoRegrets: Actually, if anyone was close enough to notice the rug burn, they were wayyy too close for comfort. It’s faint.

  3. Oh! Ouchie! Hate those moments. Especially when you could really use a nice strong armed delivery man to help you up, but he’s too busy carrying packages to help. :(

    Yay for a day off hurray hurrah! yippee!

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