Saturday Scavenger Shots: Fishy

Ananda Girl, from “Oodles of Funch”, chose this week’s word to be “fishy”! Here are my photos:


This looks kind of like a fossil of some sort. If not, it’s just a fishy-looking indentation in a rock on the shores of Lake Erie.


Here’s a photo of Coe Lake fish we put in a bucket to see how many my nephew could collect on his fishing excursion. The fish were returned to their habitat later on. They lived to fight another day. If you were a fish, though, wouldn’t you think a worm floating so conveniently in front of you in the middle of nowhere would seem a little fishy?


7 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Fishy

  1. Laura B: Thanks! Yeah, I’m guessing that many, if not all fish in that lake have fallen for that trick more than once. Or maybe I’m just being judgmental about that species. :)

    NoRegrets: You’re probably right about that – instead of saying, “Hmm, a worm in the lake? Something smells humany.”

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