Let That Be a Lesson to You

Right now I’m listening to Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You” and it brings back an interesting memory. Let’s go on this memory trip, shall we?

Back in the day when “The Bodyguard” was in theaters, two of my friends and I went to see it. We loved it, and at the end of the movie when the credits started to roll, “I Will Always Love You” kicked in. My friends and I started to sing along. I heard a guy in back of us say, “Oh God, here we go.” (or was that during the credits of “Aladdin”?) Anyway, at least two of us were into the songs.

We crammed into my friend’s car and drove off, after the movie. By that night I felt sick. Not because I had just watched a movie with Kevin Costner in it, but because I had the flu. My dad smirked, didn’t believe me. I proved him wrong by vomiting in the TV room. Call me a liar! Ha.

Hence, when I think of the song “I Will Always Love You”, I think of friends, vomit and proving my skeptical dad wrong by displaying my flu symptoms in front of him ever so tactfully.


7 thoughts on “Let That Be a Lesson to You

  1. It is funny how these things get tied together in our brains. Now, are you like Seinfeld….can you tell me how many years it has been since you last vomited? Was it the black and white cookie?

  2. AlienCG: It’s a good question, but I do not know the answer.

    Churlita: Right, I suffered to win the argument. But I won!

    Seb: It’s always good to have a visual aid.

    Laura B.: Yes, the last time I was sick I thought of Seinfeld’s vomiting spree. What was it, 12, 13 years before that black & white cookie?

    Silver: He probably did a bit, but I was too sick to tell him “I told you so!” ;)

    Tim: I love that song, but I still think of my childhood memory..

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