Two More

I really don’t have too much to say about choir tonight, but there are a few things:

– While waiting to sign in on the attendance list, the woman ahead of me turned and said, “We have two more left! Can we survive?” I joked, thinking she meant something else totally off the wall. Then I realized she meant practices. We only have two more practices until the big day on Sunday, May 31st! Whew! It’s down to the wire.

The road to us sounding lovely this time around has been paved with construction sites and potholes. Challenging and frustrating (but pretty!) songs and repetitive practices where we were beat down by certain sections of songs that were hard for us to handle…It hasn’t been easy or pretty. But we sound good and I know that we’ll sound even better on May 31st. But all that aside, damn you “High School Musical 2”! Our director is a fan and chose “You Are the Music in Me” as one of our songs. One of the most rhythmically disturbing songs evah.

– You know your choir director’s not happy with how we sound when he’s biting his music in a comical way. He told us we’d run through the whole order without stopping. That, as I’m sure I’ve said before, has always produced a chuckle from the choir. He never has the patience to let us sing through all of the songs. But I was proud of him, he lasted about five songs into our spree and then had to stop us for some corrections. Then once he’d say he wouldn’t stop us again, some group (basses, tenors, altos or…yes I admit sopranos) would mess up enough for him to want to say something. But instead he’d get our attention by biting nervously down on his music. Can’t help to laugh at the guy.

– Finally, a member of our choir announced last week that, if anyone was interested, could sign up for a Summer concert with the community band. I was already in, I’m a sucker for patriotic songs. And according to tonight when they passed around a sign up sheet for this summer, I found out I was not the only one, not like I ever did. Should be fun!


10 thoughts on “Two More

  1. AlienCG: Thank you, I am anxious for our dress rehearsal and the big day.

    Churlita: I love that lots of people are interested in the summer concert!

    Seb: Not sure about the video, but we have a sound guy who makes music CDs of our concerts. I always buy at least one, so I’ll put that in an MP3 recording on here! In the meantime, I could record us at dress rehearsal!

  2. I enjoy hearing about your choir rehearsals. It sounds like such a fun activity. If I could sing I’d sign-up too :-)
    I bet you guys will have a great performance…and then you’ll have the summer to look forward to!

  3. Laura B.: I’m excited about the summer. I love singing patriotic songs!

    Suze: Thank you, I see what I can do! I’ll either get a recording of our dress rehearsal or just wait for the CDs to come out after our concert.

    Manuel: Yeah, it’ll be fun! Thank you!

  4. Silver: I could try out for the smaller choir which is part of ours, but they begin practice earlier in the evening and it would be hard for me to get there on time.

    The group I’m in didn’t need to tryout – if you liked to sing you were in.

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