Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! Today we’re supposed to either order or make some Mexican food and enjoy it for the holiday. The Mexican restaurant just down the street from me gets all decked out for Cinco de Mayo. The parking lot is too small, so people park here, there and everywhere…and across the street. I went there once with a coworker and we went out on their patio. The patio was packed, there was music playing, a guy was standing by with a huge lizard on his shoulder..It was mass hysteria. I might order some food from there for dinner. They make awesome tamales.

In honor of the holiday, here is the tequila/”My Little Buttercup” scene from “The Three Amigos”. I’ve been obsessing about that movie lately, but I can’t quite help it. Just one of those fun, crazy, unforgettable movies.


7 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  1. Oh, thank you for that! hee hee! …smile! smile!…. Enjoy your tamales. I thoughtlessly had a burrito last night, so might have to pass on more Mexican food today. Maybe a nice shot of tequilla is in order.

  2. Churlita: That sounds amazing, I’m coming over to your place instead tonight. Might take me awhile, though, so keep a plate warm for me.

    Seb: Thank you! Happy Cinco Day to you too!

    Laura B.: Thank you! Enjoy your tequila! Cuz “it’s like beer”! ;)

    K_sra: That’s true, because even our holiday the 4th of July has another name, Independence Day.

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