Good for Both the Goose and Gosling

Hey everybody! Happy Monday. Wait, I’m sorry…HAPPY MONDAY! Okay that seems more enthusiastic. How did the weekend pan out for everybody?

I finally saw “X-Men Origins” this weekend, and liked it! The only things that made my eyes roll were a few one-liners (and let’s face it, there are a few that should be expected in an action hero movie) and the multitudes of fight scenes between Logan and Vincent (Wolverine and Sabretooth). They both heal quickly and both have claws of some sort. Those fights could go on forever, really. But aside from that I liked the story and seeing more mutants.

Okay, onto another topic. I took some photos a few days ago of the goslings that were walking around with their parents. Also took a few videos of the goslings, but I’ll post one or two of those later this week.





12 thoughts on “Good for Both the Goose and Gosling

  1. I’m just going to go ahead and pretend those are the same eggs you saved and returned to the wild. Mm, kay? :)

    (Man, there are a lot of little gooses! They might be staging an overthrow!)

  2. Gooselets! How cute!

    “both heal quickly and both have claws of some sort. Those fights could go on forever, really”

    Reminds me of the big whirlpool battle at the end of the third “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. Some reviewer commented that you didn’t care who won, after all, everyone fighting was already dead.

  3. So cute.

    I love The X-Men and I really want to see Wolverine, but I’ll probably wait until it comes to cable. Just because if I went with the girls it would cost us at least $30.

  4. I’m seeing Wolverine this week, but can’t really get too enthusiastic about it, which is strange because I enjoyed the previous X-Men movies.

    Maybe it’s because Friday is Star Trek day?

  5. K_sra: I like your imagination! Yes…um..sure they are the same eggs.

    Yeah, those are a lot of gooses. It’s funny, there are two geese families who walk around together. At a certain time of day they come around to the yard near my side and they just lie in the sun and shade with their babies.

    Dmarks: Yeah, exactly! Also reminds me of a scene in “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (ugh, it hurts to admit I saw that in a theater) – two immortals are battling it out until one hisses, “This is gonna take awhile.” or something like that.

    Churlita: You’re not kidding. Even at matinee price it all adds up!

    Tim: I hope you enjoy Wolverine in spite of all of your enthusiasm focused on the Star Trek movie. Sneak in a beverage, it’ll make you feel rebellious and super heroey. And for goodness sake, enjoy the Star Trek movie, too!

    Laura B.: They are cuter than Ryan Gosling, aren’t they? I want to pick one up and hold it (a gosling, not the actor), but I’d make a bunch of moody geese very angry.

    Manuel: I was a little confused at first of a few things, but kind of reasoned them away. Never read the comics version, though.

    Seb: Well Hugh Jackman and Liev Shreiber were aaaadorable in the movie, but yes the goslings were more lovable.

  6. Awww…cute goose pics. Thanks for sharing them. Wildlife in the city! How awesome is that! I wonder if there are enough geese wandering around the building to make a comforter set!

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