Up, Up and Away

Ksra..sera of the always informative blog, “You Learn Something New (Almost) Everyday” chose an uplifting word this week. She climbed “up” the ladder of blogging success with this one. The magical word for this week is “up”.

Speaking of Ksra, the two of us went to high school together – you know that right? Well if you didn’t, you’ve just been schooled. I was very, very fortunate enough to meet this crazy chick back when we were going to Lakewood High. We took some classes together including Folk Art Dancing, Spanish and of course..Gym. Ah, gym. I can still smell the gymnasium – a cross between teen sweat and whatever crap they used to wax the floors. Anyway, here are some photos:

Tennis anyone?

Tennis anyone?

I think this was taken from Ksra’s camera, so I can’t take the full credit of the photo. But that was us. We had tennis rackets and we were up for a tennis challenge. That’s me in the classy orange sweatshirt holding my racket up high to appease the tennis gods.

And on the same subject, this is me about to serve that ball. At the time, it must’ve been necessary for me to open my mouth while concentrating on a tennis serve. But whatever worked, right? Again, I think this was taken from Ksra’s camera.

That Tennis Ball's About to be Served!

That Tennis Ball's About to be Served!

That is all for this week’s word. It was fun finding these vintage photos of yesteryear. They turned up and I couldn’t ignore them.


16 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away

  1. All the tennis greats serve the mouth with their mouths open like that. You have to have a really good grunt too. Kind of a shout/grunt thing, a combination Bruce Lee and Frank Black of the Pixies kind of thing – you’ll go all the way.

  2. Luv the fotos! I enjoy watching tennis every now and then. Our high school P.E. consisted of a few days of calisthenics and track; but mostly, it was a free period to play volleyball, basketball, and tether ball.

  3. Suze: Thanks! Gotta concentrate to a certain extent while playing that game.

    Bobby: I’m not sure if I ever grunted while serving. Maybe a few times during the game when I had to run for a ball. I’ll work on it.

    AlienCG: The scoring system confused me at first, and I didn’t like that I had to announce the score before serving. Now learning to score for bowling is a different thing – I never did get the hang of that.

    Eros: I loved free period. Usually it was a mandatory game for the whole period (after doing a few exercises). But tennis was fun. And sometimes volleyball.

  4. I have copies of these photos in my memory box somewhere. Heehee! We hated tennis. Good times.

    It was a long weekend. Thanks for cheering me UP with the walk down memory lane. :)

  5. Ksra: Aw, long weekend as in bad? Or long weekend as in a nice, long weekend? Hope it was the good kind of long weekend.
    I love taking the jog down memory lane in that neighborhood. Good times in high school. At least when we could hang out and have fun!

    NoRegrets: I think it is too, thank you.

    Churlita: Oh it is very flattering! Not sure what’s worse – the mouth open in concentration or the tongue sticking out. I knew a few people that did that too. One injured himself.

  6. It was not a great weekend. Been in bed all day today trying to get my Braxton Hicks contractions (those are the early fake-outs) to calm down. Have to go in for another test tomorrow morning. :( Trying to rest up for Saturday! Woohoo!

  7. *HUGS*

    Tell Squiggles to be patient for just a little longer – he/she seems to want to make a grand, early entrance like my youngest nephew. Kids these days!

  8. *sigh* Yes, kids these days! :)

    I had a heart to heart with Squiggles this morning. Little eager beaver! I bet this kid is just curious to see life on the outside.

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