A Tree Blossoms in Lakewood Park

A Tree Blossoms in Lakewood Park

I’m keeping it simple this time and just posting the calendar list without the astrological signs and flower of the month, if that’s okay wit-choo. Thank you again for all of your ideas!  I’m adding all of you to my will.

MAY 2009

1. Mother Goose Day (Tell your favorite and least favorite Mother Goose story and explain your decision.)
2. April Showers Bring May Flowers Day (Post a Photo of Your Favorite Flower)
3. Bored Day
4. Spring Showers Day
5. Cinco de Mayo (Eat Your Favorite Mexican Meal)
6. Asian Culture Appreciation Day (Enjoy Asian Art, Films, or Food)
7. Pacific Culture Appreciation Days (Enjoy Pacific Art, Films, or Food)
8. Goose Appreciation Day/”Beam Me Up, Scotty” Day (Release Date for “Star Trek” )
9. Pregnant Ladies Appreciation Day (Ksra’s Baby Shower Extravaganza!)
10. “Mother May I?” Day – Do Something Your Mother Wouldn’t Approve of Today
11. Twilight Zone Day
12. International Nurses Day (Florence Nightingale, born May 12, 1820. Founder of modern nursing.)
13. Clean Up a Mess Day (Harvey Keitel’s Birthday – 1939)
14. National Dress Up Your Pet Day
15. Hat Day
16. Margaret Hamilton Appreciation Day (Best Remembered for her Role as the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of OZ)
17. Pack Rat Day
18. Bewitch Someone Today (Elizabeth Montgomery [from “Bewitched”] Appreciation Day)
19. Frog Jumping Jubilee Day
20. Handsome Lad’s 12th Birthday (Laura B.)
21. Give Blood, Donate, and/or Wear Red Today (Founding of the American Red Cross)
22. Australia Flag Day (May 22, 1909)
23. Wildlife Photography Day
24. Sing Something Incoherently Today (Bob Dylan’s Birthday – 1941)
25. Be an International Person of Mystery Today (Mike Myers’Birthday – 1963)
26. Wear a Touch of Grey Today
27. Get Either a Real or Fake Tattoo Today (Body Painting Arts Festival)
28. National Hamburger Day
29. Vegetable Appreciation Day
30. Create Your Own Cartoon Character (Mel Blanc’s Birthday – 1908)
31. Rent and Watch the Movie “Howard the Duck” Today (Lea Thompson’s Birthday – 1961)


9 thoughts on “May!

  1. Lea Thompson’s 48 this year?!


    I should’ve got in earlier and put dibs on May 8th being new Star Trek day, but seeing as we’ve already celebrated William Shatner’s and Leonard Nimoy’s birthdays I won’t grumble too much!

  2. Eros: Oh yeah, singing incoherently can work both with alcohol or without. It’s your call. :)

    NoRegrets: Yeah it’ll be easy for me too. Just the fact that I post videos on YouTube is enough for my mom’s disapproval! I’m such a rebel.

    Churlita: Oo ouch, yeah I never thought of it from that angle. If you’re going to celebrate Goose day, do so responsibly.

    Laura B.: You are very clever and fun! Every last one of you! It’s gonna be another fun month.

    Tim: I know! Somehow seeing her age makes me feel older.

    And not to worry about the 8th being Star Trek day. You’ve been sick and had car misadventures. I just made the edit and May 8th will also be “Beam Me Up, Scotty” Day for the big event.

  3. I’m looking forward to Sing Incoherently day. I think I’ll try it out at the grocery store, stealthily grabbing the intercom and letting out my marvelous incoherent song. It will probably be about food.

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