I Love the Smell of Pine Sol in the Morning

So I did some more jogging, walking and running up the stairs again today while the maintenance guy mopped the floors with Pine Sol. I didn’t slip on the wet floor or anything, but I love that they clean the floor with that stuff. Smells so good. Anyway, once I was finished roaming the halls, I was even more motivated to do the Denise Austen workout. This was all done in the morning today! Not early, because I didn’t have to go into work till noon. But it’s not like me to get moving like that in the morn, ya know?

Oh and I also decided to take a walk outside, around the lake. It is a frequent hangout for the geese community and I was hissed at several times because Spring is in the air and lots of protective parents are escorting their goslings around the area. I didn’t take my camera along this time, but I should’ve. The goslings will grow into moody geese before we know it, so I should take photos of them while they’re cute and docile.

The other day I bought a small loaf of pumpernickel bread. I remembered how good it used to taste when my mom would carve a bowl out of a loaf of the dark bread and then fill it with spinach dip. Tasty. I figured this would taste the same. I found out it is different. My goal was to make tiny sandwiches out of it with cream cheese and cucumber. Do you ever get excited about what you perceive is going to taste really good? My hopes were dashed, it all tasted disgusting. I’ll stick to white bread next time.


7 thoughts on “I Love the Smell of Pine Sol in the Morning

  1. Look at you! Awesome job on the stairs again. And you were greeted by the lovely scent of Pine Sol when you were done with them steps! Nice–luv Pine Sol scent.

    That sucks about the pumpernickel disappointment. Do you think the geese would’ve liked them? Spinach dip is delicious!

  2. I think Spring is a good time to start moving around more…it feels good, really. I’m not so sure about that Pine-sol smell though. Hm.

    I’d love to see pictures of the baby goosies.

    And sorry to hear about your culinary misadventure. There is something so sad about getting your face all fixed for something and having it turn out wrong.

  3. Eros: Thanks! Yeah, I love it when they mop the floors in the morning. It’s a welcome smell before I go off to work.

    As for the bread, I don’t even think the geese would like that stuff, and I think they eat bugs!

    Churlita: A triathalon? Talk about a work-out rockstar! Whether you actually do one or not, just thinking of one is beyond my thought process. ;)

    Laura B.: I will be posting the baby goosies very soon! Possibly tonight!

    The bad pumpernickel was a real assault to my taste buds. I should’ve just stuck with the cucumber and cream cheese!

  4. Well done for trying something a bit different. I’ve never tried that sort of bread before and have often stopped and looked at it in the supermarket but I’ve never taken the plunge. On your experience I don’t think I’ll be rushing to try some though.

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